Norwich Open Day 2; We Continue Our On-Site Reporting!!

Muriel Burnett Reports:  After a hardy English Breakfast at the Maids Head Hotel we had a beautiful walk over to St Andrews Hall.  Below see the thatched roofs and cobblestone streets.

30th MM 3 30th MM 2 30th MM 530th MM 4

Beth 30th 79Beth Allen Sends Along:  Hi Stan:  This is shuffleboard’s friend Tom Rutter being interviewed by Anglia TV. He is 79 years old today and came with his family 300 miles from Durham to see this tournament. He loves to cruise and won’t book any ship that doesn’t have a shuffleboard court. His family surprised him with this 3 day trip and he is having a great time meeting everyone and we are enjoying him!  He has “had a go” many times on the mini courts and had a chance to try the regulation boards.

Thanks to Beth! Thanks to Muriel!  Lots of Action to-day!!  Stan 2015 04 30.  

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