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The Pollocks, Lorraine and Bill: Lorraine announces this will be her final year as TD for the CNSA. We Wish them both The Very Best!!

They Will Be Missed!!  They will be missed when Lorraine ceases to be the “norm” as Tournament Director for CNSA Events. The pic above left, is of Bill and Lorraine at Woodstock in 2015.   The pic on the right is what … Continue reading

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Celebration of Life for Doris Bumstead.

On Sat. May 30 2015 , a graveside service was held in the Wyvale Cemetery as a celebration of life for Doris Bumstead who passed away on March 27.  The service was attended by family members and relatives, shuffleboard players … Continue reading

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Minnesota Senior Games in St Cloud, St Cloud Minnesota You Understand.

This newspaper article sent along by Bob Weber with thanks.  If you click on the link below, you will be taken to the article, complete with a video.  In fact the words in the video are the same as the … Continue reading

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CNSA National Tournament GENERAL! Check It Out!!

Our Amateur Winners on the left, are George and Joanne Clark, cash prize being presented by Jim Corbeil, 1st VP of the CNSA.  George and Joanne live south of Bancroft during the summer and in Woodbrook Estates in Lakeland during … Continue reading

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You May Wish To Read!!

  Florida Consumer E-Newsletter Subscribe to Commissioner Adam H. Putnam’s Email Protect Yourself: Travel Clubs Have you ever received a sales pitch informing you of bargain vacation deals available through a travel club membership? The sales representative may claim that … Continue reading

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Lois and I participated in the CNSA National Open Tournament, May 27th & 28th!!  Lois and I were forced to leave the tournament on Day 1; seems you can only take “2nd” twice??  lol  We were excluded from the generous … Continue reading

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Some Shufflers Contribute Significantly, AND We Never Seem To Thank Them!!??

      Ruth Stewart, Bill Pollock and Larry Allison come to mind immediately!  That is Ruth on the extreme left. I had to catch her sitting down as she moves so quickly and frequently beading courts!!   Beside Ruth is … Continue reading

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President Zellner responds to the Shuffleboard President of Nepal.

President Zellner Speaks:  Dear Dan: I feel deeply for you and the Nepalese people affected by this recent natural disaster. During my time in the military I bore witness to and assisted in many devastations that both nature and humans … Continue reading

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CNSA Nationals Woodstock ON, 2015 05 27 Morning Opening!! We HONOUR the MEMORY OF HENRY VAN DORP!

Rendall Bilton, OSA President dedicates the OSA 5th Wheel Trailer in Memory of “Henk” (see back door of trailer) (Henry Van Dorp) for his extended tenure as OSA President and generous support of OSA Tournaments held in Woodstock ON. During … Continue reading

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The Woodstock AM Tournament Has Successfully Ended!!

The gentleman handing out the generous prize money was the same gentleman who arranged for the prize money; organized the facility preparation, and was our PRIME ORGANIZER for the entire event!!  I give you, at the top, Jim Corbeil > … Continue reading

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