Footnotes About Some of our Competitors in the Norwich Open!

I thought it would be informative, and hopefully interesting IF I were to tell you just a bit about the 16 Players who will be competing in the finals > i.e. on Friday, May 01st. I will present them in the order the list of 16 came to me.  This is not intended to be a complete listing of the achievements of the 16, just a few of the aspects I could recall.  Stan McCormack.  2015 05 01.

xxx GlennaDid you know that Glenna Earle has won not one, but Two Golden Cues!!  A Golden Cue is presented to the player who finishes 1st in an International Singles Event.  Glenna placed 1st in the Dieppe NB World Singles as well as the St Petersburg World Singles!!  Glenna also has placed in the FSA Masters and as a result, is the proud owner of the White Jacket, symbolic of the accomplishment. Glenna is the 2nd VP of the CNSA.

Linda McRaeDid you know that Linda McRae renders service to fellow shufflers BOTH in Florida and in Canada as the very active Secretary of the CNSA.   Linda is a qualified Tournament Director as well.  Linda has been selected to compete in the Goderich Inter Provincial of 2015.  She also competed in the Dieppe IP.  She has also placed in various CNSA Tournaments.

LINDA MARSHMAN (2)Did you know that Linda Marshman is an extremely successful shuffler in the state of Florida. She competes, as a “Pro” in most State Tournaments, Monday and Tuesday of every week, AND also in most District Tournaments on Thursday and Friday.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADid you know that Bill Bryan is an active shuffler in the Southern District of Florida.  Bill also competes in Canadian Events, winning his share!!  Bill placed 2nd in the CNSA Open event at Coldwater in 2014, Consolation. 


May 1st Roger Garwood BritDid you know that Roger Garwood has been selected to represent England in the event to begin tomorrow.  Roger is, of course a citizen of England and a relatively new shuffler.  Everyone will be watching, AND wishing him well!!  Roger’s career was a General Builder for thirty eight years.  He has played shuffleboard for a total of fourteen weeks.  Roger has enjoyed this tournament as he loves to play shuffleboard, and obviously has great skills.  However Roger says that for him, the social aspect of the game is very important.  Sent along by Muriel.

Smith, SylviaDid you know that Sylvia Smith placed 11th in the St. Petersburg, 2013 ISA Event??? Sylvia took gold in the Senior games held in Houston TX in 2011.  Sylvia  also competed in the Dieppe ISA World Singles.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADid you know that Maureen Bryan competed in the Dieppe IP; and will compete in the Goderich, 2015 IP.  Back in 2009, while competing as an Amateur, Maureen placed 2nd in the CNSA Main Event in Coldwater, ON.  Maureen placed 1st in the 2012 CNSA Doubles, Consolation in Coldwater!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADid you know that Murray Burnett gives freely of his time by serving as Treasurer of the CNSA.  In 2014, playing in the CNSA Open Doubles, Murray placed 3rd.   


Jim Allen brought the white jackets Thank youDid you know that Jim Allen is an active member at the St Petersburg, FL Club. Further, he has been honing his professional skills while playing at Clearwater in some of the West Coast’s “special events” > get this, held on Saturday!!  Jonathan Schnapp of the Royal Palms joined Jim at this event!!  I will NOT at this time enumerate the ongoing support Jim gives to the sport!!  It is great to see him playing on Friday, May 1st, 2015.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADid you know that Chuck Crouse is an outstanding shuffler who competes in AZ.  In 2009 Chuck won Big Time in the US National Seniors Games.  He has placed in about 70 Tournaments since he began shuffling in 2002.  He has competed in all ISA World Singles Events!


  Myrna (1)Did you know that Reporter Myrna Bilton is the 1st VP of the ISA (International Shuffleboard Assn.) AND the immediate Past President of the CNSA?  AND with partner Roy Babcock defeated the current #3 and #5 ranked male shufflers in the FSA???? Did you know that Myrna, at her very first International Event in Australia, 2008, was the recipient of the coveted Merit Award?? 

Doris HankeDid you know that Doris Hanke can be counted on to show up if Shufflers are going to travel!!  I first became aware of Doris when I covered the Norway Inaugural.  (Her pic kept popping up!!) Doris competed in the Midland ISA; very active in her FL District, Northern; Doris was a State TD for 18 years.  You can find Doris in Hendersonville, NC during the summer.    

Grant & Linda McRae 2015 Norwich (2)Do you know that Grant McRae played in the 2013 IP in Dieppe?   In 2014 in the CNSA Open Doubles, he placed  2nd in the Main Event.


May 1 Martin Wagner  Brit qualifiedDid you know that Martin Wanger will be representing England in the Norwich Open, final day , 2015 05 01.  I wish to introduce to you an excellent shuffleboard player, a retired Bank Manager.  Martin worked for NatWest Bank for a total of thirty six years.   In his retirement Martin has written a book called Amber Sands under the name of Madeline Dando.  Some of his new friends here will be bringing a copy home with us. The books are also available on, or as well as iTunes.  Martin has played hard, won five out of seven games here in the Norwich open, and made many new friends.  Muriel Burnett.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADid you know that Shirley Bryan, while shuffling in Sochi Russia, in 2011, placed 2nd in a tournament that had Russians, Americans, Canadians and Germans???   (Ask Jim Allen about the Great Russian Food!! lol)  Shirley gave generously of her time during the 33rd (Midland) ISA!


Lenore  HolderDid you know that Lenore Holder placed 4th in the Amateur Event of the CNSA National Doubles.  Lenore was recognized for her  beautiful artistic work on the table centerpieces for the HOF banquet on Aug 13th evening and the awards banquet for the Midland, ON ISA Event of 2014. Lenore also played for ON in the 3rd IP (Inter Provincial) held in Dieppe in 2013.



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2 Responses to Footnotes About Some of our Competitors in the Norwich Open!

  1. Lorraine says:

    Well done Stan. We do not always remember all the achievements of all of these people.


  2. Jennifer Robbie says:

    Greetings fellow competitors of Norwich International 29 April – 1 May 2015. Great to have competed for UK and, boy, we witnessed great skill, artistry and tactucs from the Canadian and American competitors. Now………….back to the practice courts. All the best to you all – Jennifer and Gordon Robbie, Ashwellthorpe Shuffleboard Club, Norfolk, England


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