Norwich Open Extension!! The Earles Arrive Home.

Hi Stan: An update from the Earles. Things have become even more hectic since our return from Ireland!

IMG_0850 IMG_0863 IMG_0869 IMG_0842 IMG_0848Our last day in Ireland was rather rainy and quite cool but we decided to hop on the local short rail service called the DART, lower right,  and travelled along the East Coast to Grey Stones which was a very interesting place to see. We stopped at another place called Howth where we found a really neat street leading to the  sea which had many seafood eateries and shops where one could purchase the catch of the day if you wanted to take it home to prepare. We went to a restaurant called “Crabby Jo’s”, wonder if they have heard of Crabby Bill’s? 3 of our group had chowder which they all felt was one of the best they had ever eaten. Cold day so chowder hit the spot. See pic of Bob enjoying his!! If you click on any pic, it “comes up” quite good!!

We also travelled along the rail line in the other direction to a town called Malahide. Rain stopped and we wandered around the town a bit. There was a castle there which is a popular tourist attraction. We did not go in because our time was running short.

Back to the hotel and then out to dinner for our last night in this wonderful country. The people were very friendly, the music was great, and sight-seeing was extremely beautiful and interesting. A great place to visit and I am sure we will go back one day.

Thurs AM when we left Ireland, the sun was shining and it was warm as we made our way to the airport.  Bob & Linda flew back to Philadelphia and we had a stopover in Toronto on our way to Halifax.  Since we were delayed almost an hour getting out of Dublin, of course we missed our connecting flight. Had to rebook for a couple of hours later.

Got home about 11PM, and promptly fell into bed. The next morning I threw some things in another suitcase and headed for Amherst which is where Mom is in the hospital. She is improving and although last week we thought her time here on earth was rapidly coming to a close, now we are making plans fro her return to her apt. She is off all the tubes and wires, pancreas is recovering, gall bladder has settled down, and other than a bit of a rattle in her lungs she is doing great.  We are presently trying to arrange some home care for her and therefore I have been staying in her apt. while getting to see the necessary Dr.s, VON, and Care Coordinators attempting to put into place a workable plan for her care at home.

So in another few days I hope to head back to my own home. There is so much to do and the weather is becoming more spring like. Our shuffle club will open the last Tues of this month so we must get all the preps done for that.

Whoever said retirement was boring????   Glenna Earle.  2015 05 10.

Thanks so very much Glenna for your frequent and interesting articles.  THE VERY BEST WAY TO GAIN ACCESS TO ALL OF THE ARTICLES POSTED WITH REGARD TO THE NORWICH OPEN, BY ALL CONTRIBUTORS, is to click on the Category “2015 ENGLAND” 

Stan McCormack. 2015 05 10

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1 Response to Norwich Open Extension!! The Earles Arrive Home.

  1. Beth Allen says:

    Glenna, it Is so good to hear the updates on your travels since we left you and David at Heathrow.

    Thanks so much for keeping all of us abreast of the events in Norwich and sending your travelogue as you traveled on to Dublin. Now, we are so happy that you will be able to spend time with your mom. You and she have been in our thoughts since our arrival to the UK
    Our best to you all

    Take care,
    Beth and Jum


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