Proof Positive That Newspapers (at least in small towns) Willingly Provide Coverage of Shuffleboard!

R G3 Gold Marg Crozier , Mary Aarmstrong & V LyonThe Ontario Senior Games, 55+, are underway!!  This is an opportunity to bring the positive impact of shuffleboard to the attention of the reading public. Our Renfrew , ON Club had 3 Couples compete in Barry’s Bay, ON,  on May 6th.  Lois and I spent the day supporting our entries, taking pix, and talking with the shufflers and the organizers.  This was the first level of competition, the County (Renfrew Cty.); the District is the next level. 

As there were competitors from 3 different towns in the area, I prepared 3 slightly different news articles, complete with an appropriate pic, and mailed off to the newspapers of Renfrew, Barry’s Bay and Eganville.  On Monday I was contacted by the Eganville Newspaper for additional detail; to-day, when I opened the Renfrew Mercury I was greeted by the pic and article I had sent to them.  I am confident that the Barry’s Bay Valley Gazette also published the article I sent to them.  I am now going to insert the article that appears in the Renfrew Mercury, the paper I receive.


The Ontario Senior Games Assn. held the Renfrew County Floor Shuffleboard Event on Wednesday, May 06th in the Paul J. Yakabuski Centre in Barry’s Bay. Other Senior Games Events are hosted in other communities across the county this month.

Competitive shufflers from across District 5, Renfrew County, began competing at 09:30 and it was not until about 4 p.m. that Medalist were determined. Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals were presented by convener Virginia Lyon of Barry’s Bay.

Bronze went to Joan Archimbault and Pearl Smith of Barry’s Bay; Silver went to Robert Archimbault and Ed Quesnelle, also of Barry’s Bay. Gold went to Mary Armstrong and Margaret Crozier who shuffle at the Renfrew Champlain Seniors Club. Both Mary and Margaret have distinguished records in the Ontario Senior Games, winning Gold and Silver several years while partnering together. The “next step” for Mary and Margaret is the competition at the Regional Level. We will keep you informed.

The Shufflers of the Champlain Senior Centre invite you to enhance your life style by joining with us each Tuesday at one o-clock, 164 Argyle St. in Renfrew.

Submitted by Stan McCormack.

Blogged on 2015 05 13.  Stan McCormack.  MY MESSAGE: YOU TOO, CAN DO IT!!

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2 Responses to Proof Positive That Newspapers (at least in small towns) Willingly Provide Coverage of Shuffleboard!

  1. Beverley Fowler says:

    Hi Stan: Good to see the pictures you have sent along.  As you may or not know I am looking after the SR. games in Midland this year.  It is a lot of work but Lorraine Pollock is helping me.I am looking forward to meeting all the shufflers who get to this level. Beverly Fowler


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