Selections by ISA President Zellner to compete in the 34th ISA in Clearwater Beginning 2015 10 25.

  • Michael Robert Zellner

            As of: 12 May 2015          

           34th ISA World Singles Shuffleboard Championship Slot Assignments  

Objectives: To award Presidential Nominations to select special individuals who exemplify the spirit of shuffleboard throughout the year and these individuals may never have the opportunity to compete in a World Championship and also for returning “TOP 10” champions from the prior ISA World Singles in accordance with PPL 2014-06, I hereby nominate: 

MEN                                                                                     WOMEN 

  1. Rick Kilby USA                                                           Colette Brody – IRELAND 
  2. Peter Davis, ENGLAND                                            Lesley Davis ENGLAND 
  3. Rich Phifer, IRELAND                                              Thanh Seybold, VIETNAM  
  4. Steve Raimondi, USA * Returning Champion      Julianna Hogye, SWEDEN  
  5. Bill Hoyer, USA  *Returning Champion  Wilma Rudolph, USA * Returning Champion 
  6. Jonathan Schnapp                                                     Ashley Albert 
  7. Phil Hill, ENGLAND                                                 Pam Hill, ENGLAND
  8.                                                                                        Christine Page USA

To read all articles pertaining to the 34th ISA, click:   To review the Slot Assignments, click: ISA Slot Assignments for 34th Event

 Sincerely, Michael Robert Zellner, ISA President

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