Norwich Open: The Biltons Recount Their Visit to Germany!!

Hi Stan!   After the German Shuffleboard Association hosted the ISA Tournament in 2010 ​,​ ​Rendall and I​  knew that we would like to ​go  back to Germany. This ​year seemed like the right year ​as we were taking part in the Norwich Open Shuffleboard Tournament in England.

photo 1 (1)photo 2We were met in Dusseldorf, Germany by Sebastian & Kerstin Runge with open arms. We
​toured​  some of the streets where the upscale shops are located and enjoyed a coffee in a cafe famous for ​its​ desserts and chocolate. Th​e Runges​ took us on a scenic drive and ​we ​crossed the Rhine River by ferry. Sebastian & Kirstin gave us ​souvenirs so that we will​  remember their historic city. In Meerbusch, ​their hometown,​we ate at the Greek Olympia restaurant. Dieter & Irene Hoffmanns, Olli, Ina & Alina Schwarten joined us for great food and fellowship. What a nice surprise​!​

Wuellner 2photo 2 (1)Lore and Sven Wuellner picked us up ​in​ Dusseldorf and drove us to Langenselbold where they live and own Shuffleboard Magic, a shuffleboard club​. The two friends ​,​ Dieter and Rendall​, ​met with big hugs. These two men have a ​special bond that started at the ISA Australia Tournament in 2008. Language ​was no​t a​ barrier​!​  We were ​so pleased to be ​presented with lifetime memberships to Shuffleboard Magic. 

In the evening we enjoyed a tasty traditional German meal with another nice surprise.
​..w​e met Torsten, the oldest son of Dieter and Lore.  Sven, Thomas, Norbi, and a nice couple (friends of the Wuellners) joined Dieter, Lore, Rendall and I for a good time. 
The following day, Dieter, Lore and Sven took us on an interesting scenic drive to Ruedesheim 
where we ate and enjoyed the cable car ride that floated over vineyards​.​ ​We​ viewed the famous Niederwald monument that overlooks the Rhine. When we returned to Langenselbold, we appreciated Sven entertaining us at his house. 

photo 3In the evening Dieter, Birgitt and Torben Hussmann took us to a lovely restaurant​,​ the Heckers/Gut Huehnerhof. It is situated on a ​golf course ​hill overlooking ​some ​beautiful country scenery.  ​ ​We were treated to a delicious German meal.  Our evening was ​spent ​reminiscing about past ISA Tournaments where we met ​ and played​. Torben was very young when we first met them, so it was nice to hear about his education and shuffleboard achievements. Dieter is president of the German Shuffleboard Association. On behalf of the GSA ​,​he presented Rendall and I with lovely warm German scarves.

On our final day, Dieter and Lore (Wuelllner  drove us  through the beautiful countryside to Heidelberg on the Rhine.  ​There we took the tram and ​had ​a private tour of the Rastatt Residential Palace. This palace was built in the early 1700’s. After eating a tasteful German lunch on the palace grounds​,​ we drove to Switzerland.

Our weather in Germany was sunny and warm, just like the hospitality of our dear German friends. We thank them for their gifts and wonderful memories. 
Our hearts are full of ​l​ove and ​g​ratitude for these special friends ​..​
and  it all started with shuffleboard.​ 

Liebe Grüsse, Tschüss;   Myrna

Thanks Myrna for another great report!!  Stan 2015 05 14.

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2 Responses to Norwich Open: The Biltons Recount Their Visit to Germany!!

  1. Jim Allen says:

    Myrna and Rendall are truly great ambassadors for shuffleboard!


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