Norwich Open: Friends from the Ashwellthorpe Shuffleboard Club Contact the Burnetts!!

IMG_3872 M&M BurnettMuriel and Murray Burnett enjoyed the company of Jennifer and Gordon at the Friday night dinner event in Norwich.   Here is a message to the Burnetts from the Robbies.

“Greetings Muriel. Gordon and I hope you are now safely settled back at home after the Shuffleboard International Tournament in Norwich and Murray’s great success. 

IMG_1782 IMG_1783IMG_1784

Thanks for adding our profile to Stan’s website.I attach three photos of our little Ashwellthorpe Shuffleboard Club at last week’s club night. Gordon and me and Alan Dawson are part of this club, and joined the other 9 members from Pete and Lesley’s club in Wymondham, to make up the Norfolk team.I thought you might like to add the pictures to Stan’s shuffleboard website with our best regards to everyone we met at the International, which the three of us found great fun and very informative. We will always remember it. All the best – Jennifer and Gordon Robbie”

          A little reminder about Gordon and Jennifer and the Ashwellthorpe Club:

 Friends of Peter and Lesley they started the shuffleboard club in Ashwellthorpe eight years ago.  They have two roll out courts and twelve regular members, and play every Wednesday evening.

Sent along by Muriel Burnett with thanks!! 2015 05 15. 


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