Norwich Open PLUS PLUS! The Biltons, Ambassadors of Shuffleboard, are Back!! WELCOME FROM ALL READERS!!

photo 1 Hi Stan! Myrna Bilton Speaks: We arrived home with wonderful memories of our trip. Our family are still amazed that we travelled with our two carry ons and back packs.

Many thanks go to Jim & Beth Allen and Peter & Lesley Davis for organizing the Norwich Open Shuffleboard Tournament. This event gave our group a wonderful week of fellowship and fun. 

Rendall and I were in six countries, travelling by airplanes, buses, trains, taxies ,boats,  ski lifts,  trams, big cars, little cars and Rendall rode in a wheelchair at the airports. Thank goodness for wheels!!! 

photo 2 (1) photo 3Thanks to our German friends who planned wonderful meals, scenic tours and shared their loving friendship with us.  Thanks to our families in Switzerland, who patiently listened to our excitement and stories of our travel experience. Even at the Geneva airport Rendall and I were still asked about shuffleboard because of our jackets.

The lady security guard put Rendall’s jacket on, while our daughter and son-in-law were watching through the glass window. Dianne & Mario were amazed!!! Our daughter said in a later email “Mom, what a send off – the security  guard wearing Dad’s jacket and giving you hugs”!!  That never happens at the airport security.

Maybe airports need shuffleboard courts!! 

Thank you Stan for doing an outstanding job of posting the travels of us shufflers.  Au revoir Myrna

Thank You Myrna for the wonderful stories you have shared with the Shuffleboard World!!  Readers do appreciate your “extra effort”!!   Stan McCormack. 2015 05 18   CU in WOODSTOCK.  Readers: The very best way to gain access to every story resulting from the NORWICH OPEN is to click on the CATEGORY 2015 ENGLAND.


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3 Responses to Norwich Open PLUS PLUS! The Biltons, Ambassadors of Shuffleboard, are Back!! WELCOME FROM ALL READERS!!

  1. Glenna & David Earle says:

    Love your new car “kids”!!!! I know you had a great deal of fun and we were happy to have some of the time with you. What a good time in Norwich, and in England in general. Only sorry we did not get to see that new little Princess!


  2. Max & Ruth Tate says:

    Great coverage Stan. Ruth and I are happy that everyone had a wonderful time in England and many other countries.


  3. Jim Allen says:

    Great car, and I love the Queens Wave! Its no wonder that shuffleboard is growing all over the world with Ambassadors of Shuffleboard like Myrna and Rendall!!!


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