The Woodstock AM Tournament Has Successfully Ended!!


The gentleman handing out the generous prize money was the same gentleman who arranged for the prize money; organized the facility preparation, and was our PRIME ORGANIZER for the entire event!!  I give you, at the top, Jim Corbeil > who incidentally was ably assisted by Marlene and family!!  Thanks “guys”!! Click on any pic to explode!! 

IMG_0066In the Championship Event of the  Woodstock Amateur Tournament, in first place from the Bancroft Area, we have George and Joanne Clark.  George and Joanne shuffle in Woodbrook Estates during the winter.

IMG_0065In 2nd place, Championship Event, we have Donna Blom and Rip Vanginkel .   Donna and husband Albert were a part of the ISA Inaugural to Sochi Russia in 2011.  To read a little about that trip, enter the word “Sochi” into the search rectangle and hit search.

IMG_0064IMG_0063In 3rd place in the Championship Event we have Garrit & Gerdien Dyksman.  (far left pic). And in 4th place we have Cathy Mills & Marv Crow.  

IMG_0062 4th Cons AmIMG_0060 2nd Cons Am1st place in Consolation,  Amateur Event we have Larry Allison and Suzanne Sharp; far left.  2nd place in Consolation, Fred and Mary Wardle.  

IMG_0059 3rd Cons AmIMG_0058 4th Con AmAnd in 3rd place in Consolation we have D. Wellsman and Gayle Kelly.   In 4th place we have S. Hammond & R. Archer.   

Pic by Stan McCormack.  Stan McCormack, 2015 05 26.

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2 Responses to The Woodstock AM Tournament Has Successfully Ended!!

  1. fred wardle says:

    We enjoyed the tournament jim&marlene done a good job. Tank you. FRED&MARY wardle


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