CNSA Nationals Woodstock ON, 2015 05 27 Morning Opening!! We HONOUR the MEMORY OF HENRY VAN DORP!


Rendall Bilton, OSA President dedicates the OSA 5th Wheel Trailer in Memory of “Henk” (see back door of trailer) (Henry Van Dorp) for his extended tenure as OSA President and generous support of OSA Tournaments held in Woodstock ON. During this period Henry hauled courts, discs and ques to the many OSA Tournaments in a previous less well designed trailer. Present during the dedication were the family of IMG_0075Henry.  Henry’s wife Lenny, in white, was awe struck, especially so as her family, also in the pic, had not shared with her what was going to happen.   To say that Lenny was moved by the dedication is an understatement!!  Despite her emotional high she offered highly appropriate remarks for the large crowd of shufflers present.

IMG_0078IMG_0084We then moved  into the gymnasium where President Henry Strong invited Woodstock Mayor, Trevor Biirtch to the front.  Mayor Birtch  welcomed all to Woodbrook and invited everyone to pay a visit to the Quality Inn Hotel to familiarize ourselves with the various items of interest in Oxford County.   As you will note, the TV camera was rolling as Henry thanked the persons responsible for organizing this first rate event. 

IMG_0096To launch our days programme, His Worship was invited to throw the Opening Disc!!  It was a grand opening and we thank “Trevor” for demonstrating the sincere interest of the entire City Council.      

To “blow up” any pic, click on it once.  Click again if you so desire.  Stan McCormack from the floor of the Tournament in Woodstock, ON.  2015 05 27 14:45 


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1 Response to CNSA Nationals Woodstock ON, 2015 05 27 Morning Opening!! We HONOUR the MEMORY OF HENRY VAN DORP!

  1. Sandi Quinn says:

    So happy for the Van Dorp’s!! Henry & Lenny, very special people!


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