President Zellner responds to the Shuffleboard President of Nepal.

President Zellner Speaks:  Dear Dan: I feel deeply for you and the Nepalese people affected by this recent natural disaster. During my time in the military I bore witness to and assisted in many devastations that both nature and humans can bring upon civilizations. I am grateful that the lives of you and your loved ones were spared. Remember material things can all be rebuilt and replaced in time but human lives are irreplaceable.

Regarding your request for financial assistance from our organization, I am sorry to say but as a non profit organization we have a very limited budget and what we do have we hold in reserve for our few member nations. I hope and dream that, with you in control, one day Nepal will become a member nation of the ISA.

Dan, there are many organizations specifically geared for assisting people affected by natural disasters such as the World Health Organization (WHO), American Red Cross and United Nations Relief and especially Salvation Army Disaster Relief Society.

Please do not get discouraged and by all means continue to seek both national and international assistance from those organizations more adequately prepared for this with both financial and physical capabilities.

The members of the International Shuffleboard Association and myself will keep you and the Nepalese people in our minds, hearts and prayers.

Sincerely; Michael Robert Zellner, President

International Shuffleboard Association

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1 Response to President Zellner responds to the Shuffleboard President of Nepal.

  1. President Michael says:

    Thank you Stan. I met Dan at TAFISA in Lithuania and he is so shuffleboard motivated but has never been able to get Travel Visas out of his country. They were all set for St. Pete and tried again for Midland and Visas were all denied even his and he is a University Professor. Go figure. Developing nations are often their own worst enemy.



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