1st OPEN CH.  Roy Babcock & Myrna BiltonLois and I participated in the CNSA National Open Tournament, May 27th & 28th!!  Lois and I were forced to leave the tournament on Day 1; seems you can only take “2nd” twice??  lol  We were excluded from the generous prize money ($100.00 +for 1st) by Norma Bruce and George Admiral.   We remained in Woodstock the rest of the 27th, enjoying dinner with Henry and Geraldine, spent the night in the Quality Inn, one of the major sponsors, and returned to the venue on the morning of the 28th to take pix of those who “were in the money”!!  After taking the pix we left for home, primary reason; it is a 7 hour drive.  Upon arrival at our home just outside of Ottawa, Tournament Director Lorraine Pollock’s e-mail was found in my inbox!  I am now going to post the results!!  Most shufflers reading the BLOG will undoubtedly recognize the names of those “taking home the cash”!  Fairly significant cash I might add, thanks to the great effort, the great success, of tournament organizers Marlene and Jim Corbeil.  HERE WE GO! I will begin with 4th place in Consolation:

4th OPEN Linda M. & Bill B.2nd OPEN Cons. Peter & Erika Berg1st OPEN Cons. Rip Vanginkel & Bill LemayIMG_0070

 Above we have the OPEN Consolation winner. From left to right; Linda McRae & Bill Boyes, 4th; Bill Godfrey and Jim Howard, 3rd; Peter and Erika Berg, 2nd; Rip Vanginkel & Bill Lemay in 1st place.   I will now give you the Championship Event Placements from left to right, far left being 4th.

4th OPEN CH. Fred Muelbach & Gunther Forth3rd OPEN CH. Mary Button & Henry Strong2nd OPEN CH. George O'Reilly & Donna Blom1st OPEN CH.  Roy Babcock & Myrna Bilton

From left to right: Fred Muehelbach & Gunther Forth, 4th; Mary Button & Henry Strong, 3rd; George O’Reilly and Donna Blom, 2nd; Roy Babcock & Myrna Bilton in 1st Place!! 

Were there surprises?? Of course there were!!  That is what shuffleboard is ALL ABOUT!!  CONGRATULATIONS TO EACH AND EVERY PARTICIPANT!!  Click on any pic to expand.   To read, see, all articles on the CNSA National, go to the Category CNSA National. 

Stan McCormack. 2015 05 28 17:30  


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  1. Glenna Earle says:

    Congratulations to all the great winners! Sorry we were not there to share the excitement with everyone but glad you all had a fantastic event. Thanks to Jim, Marlene and “crew”. Well done all!!


  2. Bill and Maureen Bryan says:

    Congratulations Woodstock, for a great tournament. Jim and Marlene and crew from this club did a fantastic job. Lorraine Pollock and sidekick Bill, did their usual job of running the tournament smoothly, and timely. Congratulations on the turnout of players in both divisions, and also to the well deserved winners. Woodstock, you need to be commended on all your efforts in organizing this CNSA Tournament. Bill and Maureen Bryan. (Centre Wellington club.) ELORA.


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