Minnesota Senior Games in St Cloud, St Cloud Minnesota You Understand.

This newspaper article sent along by Bob Weber with thanks.  If you click on the link below, you will be taken to the article, complete with a video.  In fact the words in the video are the same as the words I will add below the link.  Don’t be in a hurry when you open the link.  Your internet speed may not be as fast as some?  Be patient and things will work better.  If you rush, you just might be taken to an add!!!  NOTE: I would not click on the NOTE at the bottom (when the link opens): It is of no interest and just may take you off your course, so to speak.

OK, HERE IS THE LINK:  http://wjon.com/local-senior-athletes-compete-in-minnesota-senior-games-video/

Here are the words:

Violet Halverson of Sartell, MN.  (Photo: Joshua Akkerman)


“ST. CLOUD – It’s the Minnesota Senior Games in St. Cloud, and we made a stop at the shuffleboard court. There we met 90 year old Violet Halverson from Sartell, who happens to have a few years of practice on the court.

“From the middle of the 70′s,” says Halverson, “but my last trophy I won in Mesa Arizona was in ’06.”  

Her and her husband picked up shuffleboard while in Arizona.

“That looked like the great thing to get into, and it was fun,” she said.

Rob Taylor of the Cushing, MN area.  (Photo: Joshua Akkerman)

We also met Rob Taylor, a 56 year old from the Cushing area, who is in his first year participating in the senior games. He jumped in head first participating in tennis, shuffleboard, and pickleball. Tennis didn’t go quite his way.

Taylor says, “I got a good lesson. They were quite good, but it was fun. I had a good time.” 

Shuffleboard, however, was looking good.

Their thoughts on participating in the Senior Games.

Halverson says, “I think it’s so exciting, but I wish there were more older people.”

“If you lose, they shake your hand and smile,” says Taylor, “You walk away, and everybody is just here to have a good time, so that makes it enjoyable.”

Posted by Stan McCormack.  2015 05 29


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1 Response to Minnesota Senior Games in St Cloud, St Cloud Minnesota You Understand.

  1. Wayne Hugen says:

    Wayne & Ruth Hugen., Iowa State President and Delegate were the event directors and there were 5 entries & 5 spectators all from Greenfield Village, Mesa, Arizona.


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