The Pollocks, Lorraine and Bill: Lorraine announces this will be her final year as TD for the CNSA. We Wish them both The Very Best!!

IMG_0047 (2)Lorraine & Bill Pollock.

They Will Be Missed!!  They will be missed when Lorraine ceases to be the “norm” as Tournament Director for CNSA Events. The pic above left, is of Bill and Lorraine at Woodstock in 2015.   The pic on the right is what they plan to spend more time doing when the 2015 Shuffleboard Season comes to an end.  

IMG_0063Bill worked the entire Woodstock tournament, 4 days supporting the activity.  It has become 2nd nature for Bill to lend a hand a most tournaments directed by Lorraine. 

I know Lorraine has been directing tournaments at least since 2003 because I have located a letter I wrote to the OSA President on June 22nd of 2003. I will repeat only the final paragraph. “On the topic of encouraging shuffling and those who work so hard to help. It was noteworthy that the speaker at Richmond Green, at least during the OPEN event, spoke not a word of the either the comptence or generosity of the tournament director–who had agreed to be the TD –at no cost to the OSA.   How difficult would it have been to recognize Lorraine in the company of her peers–the participants in the OPEN event??”  S.R. McCormack   Member of the OSA and Supporter of Shuffling!!

At this years Woodstock CNSA National Event, I snapped this pic of Henry and Lorraine!! I will let you decide just exactly what Henry was up to??  Or what he had whispered in her ear??  I think all will agree it lightened her day!!  IMG_0074

 Finally, here is a bio of Lorraine; note it is not current.  They no longer live as indicated in the bio.  They now have A NEW HOME!!  10-2C Lorraine – Bio  To see their new home:  

Shufflers the world over express their best wishes to Bill and Lorraine for their “Life After Shuffleboard Tournament Directing”.  We hope to see them out as PARTICIPANTS!! 

Stan McCormack. 2015 05 31. 




CC Secretary/Treasurer OSA

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1 Response to The Pollocks, Lorraine and Bill: Lorraine announces this will be her final year as TD for the CNSA. We Wish them both The Very Best!!

  1. Beverly Fowelr says:

    No one deserves congratulations more then the Pollock’s. I know because I work with her on Tournaments doing membership. We will miss them so much and her very calming way.


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