As July 1st, and July 4th are rapidly approaching, I thought I would share Lithuania’s “Very Special Day”!

TAFISA LIs National Day

Some Readers will ask: Why in blazes is Stan talking about Lithuania??  The simple answer is that in 2012, on July 4th Gus Bondi, Jim Bailey, Lois McCormack, Stan McCormack from North America flew to Frankfurt Germany where they met up with Michael Zellner, Bernar Borges, Camile Caldas, and Gabriel Zellner of South America. From Frankfurt they will fly to Riga in Latvia and then traveled to Siauliai, Lithuania where they will be joined by Dieter Hussmann and Marius Runge of Germany.

All participated in this TAFISA (The Association For International Sport Assn.) world class presentation of Sports. Held every four years, the week-long Games are a vibrant and entertaining experience, offering a unique opportunity for the public to discover the traditional and contemporary games and sports of cultures from across the globe. Since their beginning in Bonn, Germany, in 1992, the Games have been held around the world.  In 2008 the Games were held in  Busan, Korea. 

July 06th is to Lithuania what July 1st is to Canada, and July 4th to the USA. Their celebration took place at the City Square and we made a point of being present.  See pic at top. 

Perhaps the 1st thing I should explain is that their celebration of Independence goes back only to 1990  when Lithuania became the first Soviet republic to declare itself independent, resulting in the restoration of an independent State of Lithuania. This notwithstanding that at one time they had a King, who was mentioned to-day, and various relationships with other European Nations.   Let us just say that wars have not been kind to Lithuania. For those who have an interest, suggest you look up Lithuania in Wikipedia. Click: .  Many dignitaries spoke at this event; bands played and Ladies dressed in traditional costume.  The very interested may wish to read this:

There was a military “Fly Past”; many of our group were sitting enjoying a beer when the 3 Jets ROARED, and I man roared over our head, BARELEY over our head. Marius was so darn shocked that he GOT UP AND RUN, Lois thought he might have a heart attack!! Gus expressed the sentiment of most of us when he remarked after: “I expected the END at any second!! No doubt their approach had been announced, but of course we would not understand. We did understand the THUNDERING ROAR as they flew right over us. We believe the aircraft were from Polish Airforce.   The beer was good, very good.  (I should tell you that we did have a Guide, and assigned polite and helpful individual who spoke perfect English.) 

Jim Bailey, God Bless Him, suggested we go outside and watch a group of Middle Age Women perform aerobics!! (Leave it to Jim to suggest watching Middle Age Women!!) Jim, Lois, Michael, Rimvi, and I acquired a beer and a ring side seat to a FINE PERFORMANCE.

TAFISA Gals DancingTAFISA GAL DANCINGThis was a great finish to a fine day!! And just to help you understand why we enjoyed the beer so much, here are a couple of shots of the dancers!! In the approximately one hour, we watched the performance (exercise programme), the “gals” only took one small break!!  (Click on pix to expand)

We never said that Lithuania was “all bad”!!  loll

Stan McCormack.  2015 06 28.

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2 Responses to As July 1st, and July 4th are rapidly approaching, I thought I would share Lithuania’s “Very Special Day”!

  1. Bernar says:

    Unforgettable trip!!!


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