CNSA AGM Agenda: Goderich, ON 2015 07 24 13:00

CNSA Annual General Meeting Agenda cnsa-logo-new-by-gary-2013-09-10

  1. Call meeting to order – President Henry Strong
  2. Invocation
  3. Adoption of agenda
  4. Roll Call
  5. Minutes of last AGM – It is suggested you read the 2014 Minutes, and bring any questions to the Meeting: Click to read: CNSA AGM May 27, 2014 minutes
  6. Treasurer’s Report – Murray Burnett
  7. Auditor’s Report – Ray Hammond
  8. Appoint two auditors for next year
  9. Executive Reports:   1st VP Jim Corbeil; 2nd VP Glenna Earle ;  3rd VP Roy Babcock;     President Henry Strong.
  10. Directors & Provincial Contacts’ Reports – BC, AB, SK, MB, ON, PQ, NB, NS, PE, NF
  11. Old or Unfinished Business 

1) Rules Committee report

2) Web site report – Bill Boyes

3) Midland 33rd ISA World Tournament, August 2014 report – Henry Strong

4) Reason for Articles of Continuance and new bylaws in Sept. 2014 – Linda McRae

5) Goderich IP 2015 report

12. New Business

  1. Announce and introduce players for the singles ISA in Clearwater, Oct. 2015
  2. Participation in the ISA singles as a country
  3. Filling of Directors positions for the CNSA
  4. Synchronize CNSA elections with the IP tournaments
  5. Hall of Fame entrants to coincide with the IP tournaments
  6. Hall of Fame points for CNSA tournaments
  7. New fee structure for CNSA members
  8. Announce host for 2017 IP

13. Announce time and place of next CNSA annual general meeting.

14. Closing remarks – Henry Strong

15. Adjournment

Sent along by Secretary Linda McRae.  Posted by Stan McCormack. 2015 06 28.

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