Shuffleboard’s First VIRTUAL Hall of Fame!



This article first appeared in The Shuffler (.org) in May of 2006.  As the topic came up during the 4th CNSA IP (2015 07 24) during the HOF Inductions, I thought I would add some information.  Since 2006 several other Shuffleboard Organizations have adopted the concept even though they may also have an actual room or building.

The Charter Members of the newly launched Virtual Hall are pictured above. They are all Past Presidents of the CNSA. Missing from the pix are Past Presidents Jack House and Glen Peltier. From left to right they are: Frank Willson; Catherine McCreery; Roy Norman; Allison Weeks and John Weston. To read the bio associated with each inductee please click 

A Hall of Fame is only meaningful if it is readily accessible. Those responsible for the ISA HOF in Clearwater, FL have created and continue to maintain a very credible and interesting tribute to ISA participants!! While FL Shufflers, especially those on or near the West Coast, can make the trek to this remarkable collection of Shuffleboard memorabilia; most Shufflers will never get the opportunity. All traditional Halls of Fame carry with them a cost, if not a capital cost, an operating and maintenance cost.

THE SHUFFLER web site (Alf Primeau and Stan McCormack) in co-operation with Canada’s national shuffleboard organization has created a VIRTUAL (on line) HOF:  The paragraph to follow is taken from the historical article which can also be found in our Virtual Hall of Fame!! “To our knowledge it would be a first for Shuffleboard and avoids the obvious disadvantage of a fixed structural HOF that being the expense involved in traveling to experience the joys of a HOF. The Virtual HOF provides ready access and ensures the contributions of those who are inducted will be available to shufflers the world over. It is an appropriate and effective method to pay tribute to outstanding shufflers and their supporters.”  Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER. 2006 05 31.  

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Stan writing in 2015: I am now going to insert a pic of the CNSA Incoming Board of 2006. Back row, left to right: John  Weston, Max Tate, Stan McCormack, Bill Pollock and Gary Pipher.  Front row, left to right: Ruby Withington,  Diana May and Pat Lane.

Stan McCormack.  2015 07 26 16:10

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