Canadian “Past President” Jacket Presented to PP Glen Peltier.

Can Jacket Presented by Henry to Glen PeltierToday (2015 07 30) in Chatham ON Glen Peltier was presented with his Past President’s jacket by current CNSA President Henry Strong. 

Glen could not attend the banquet in Goderich which was the first time the CNSA presented jackets to Past presidents of the CNSA, AND to all initial HOF Inductees.  Past Presidents in attendance and receiving a Jacket were: Roy Norman,  Al Weeks, Max Tate, Stan McCormack, Gary Pipher and Myrna Bilton.
Presentation of the Jacket demonstrated the membership’s appreciation for all their hard work laying a solid foundation for the organization to grow.
Congratulations Glen. Henry Strong, serving CNSA President.  2015 07 30
Stan speaks: If there are any readers out there who do not know Glen, I strongly suggest that you enter Glen Peltier into the search rectangle and hit search.  In fact, you could do that for any of the Past Presidents.  Hope you enjoy.  Special thanks to Hubert Van Eerd  for helping with the pix!!
Stan McCormack.  2015 07 30 19:56
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