MI State Results: Battle Creek; Bailey Park. Sent along by Jerry Deren with Thanks!!

                                      OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA THE STATE AMATEUR DOUBLES   JULY 29, 2015

                                MAIN                                                                                CONSOLATION
            1st  Ken Worden & Larry Roan                                              1st  Bruce Ellsworth & Polly Ellsworth
            2nd  Gary McGaffey & Tom Butzin                                        2nd  Dick Hook & Rick Yates
            3rd  Ray Miller & JoAnn Miller                                                3rd  Tom Edwards & David Ludwick
            4th  Nancee Ludwick & Barb Worden                                    4th  Harold Swartz & C.B. Allen
                                        THE STATE PRO MEN DOUBLES JULY 30, 2015
                                   MAIN                                                                            CONSOLATION
            1st  Dwayne Cross & Lloyd Schmidt                                       1st  Don Hiar & Carl Olmstead
            2nd  Larry Roan & Jerry Deren                                                2nd  Dennis Anderson & Bernie Fox
            3rd Gary McGaffey & Michael Seyfer                                       3rd  Ken Worden & Jim Helms
            4th  Larry Whalen & Don Casselman                                       4th  Larry Whalen & Don Casselman
                                        THE STATE PRO LADIES DOUBLES JULY 30, 2015
                                   MAIN                                                                              CONSOLATION
            1st  Adriana Cramton & Ruby Flickenger                                1st  Nancy Ruess & Polly Ellsworth
            2nd  Marti Noble & Janet Casselman                                      2nd  JoAnn Miller & Virginia Merriman
            3rd  Shirley McCullough & Judy Cross                                    3rd  Nancee Ludwick & Barb Worden
            4th  Eva Mae Lake & Sharon Olmstead

Congratulations!  Thank you, Ann for a well run tournament.  No rain.  Ann is Ann Wedel.  

A REMINDER:  Belding Tournament Thursday, August 6, at 401 Demorest St., Belding.  A lunch of sloppy joes, chips, & beverage will be available.

Stan speaks: The Wedels, Ann and Walt are strong supporters of Shuffleboard > here in their home state, AND in FL.  The Wedels directed the tournament.  See pic at top. 

Stan McCormack. 2015 07 31.

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