Promoting the Sport We Love!!! Involve the “Local Press”!!

IMG_0234 Volunteer HelpersAs many of you know, I try and promote shuffleboard, to the extent possible,  by not only operating the BLOG, but also by getting as many articles as possible into local newspapers. Bob Weber has been tremendously successful in “picking up” these articles, wherever they are published.  Bob sends them to me and I post on the BLOG.

It has been my position, and continues to be my position, that articles in the local newspaper reach out, attract, potential shufflers, while the BLOG or WEBSITES, appeal primarily to  those already committed to shuffling.  I want to thank every writer who has sent an article to the newspaper, OR, equally effective, ensured the local newspaper is present at the event itself.

The most recent example of both, is the CNSA (Goderich) 4th IP Tournament.  Al Weeks and I both worked with the local press before the Opening.  A reporter photographer from the Signal Star, the local paper, was in attendance.  He took many pix and they were published, in colour, in the Signal Star.

When I got home I prepared a Thank You Letter (article), thanking the Town for their hospitality, as well as the many Volunteers who worked to make the 4th IP the success it was.  Here is that article:  Thanks To Goderich; thanks to the Volunteers.  TAKE NOTE of the 2nd article on the link above; near the bottom of the page.  What a great idea to keep Shuffleboard in front  of the local audience!!    Hats off to writer Joan McAuley.  ALSO please note: The pic at the top of this posting is the same pic in the newspaper article.

Stan McCormack.  2015 08 05 21:00

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