When Katrina Hit, Shufflers Responded With Compassion and Cash!! We raised $1500.00 and donated it to the Salvation Army!!

KATRINA 1 2015Click on this pic once; pause and click again!  Greater Reality!!

29 August 2005  New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin issues a mandatory evacuation order after Katrina picks up speed and is reclassified as a category 4 storm. At approximately 11am the storm’s winds pick up to about 175 miles per hour, making it a category 5 hurricane. Many New Orleans residents leave the city, jamming the roads but thousands remain. Many find shelter in the Louisiana Superdome.

In blue, written 2015 08 17: The Shuffler (website) Alf Primeau and Stan McCormack, decided to organize a fund raising campaign to assist in the recovery.  Our Sponsors of the day, (2005) Allen R. Shuffleboard; M&S;  DOM Sports, and the Avon Park Tournament Sponsor, Bank of America,  and The Shuffler each donated $100.00.   The FSA; the Central District; the Avon Park Club; TD Lorraine Pollock all made significant contributions.   

To follow written in 2005:  The end result of the fund raiser can be described in no other way than SUCCESS, SUCCESS, AND SUCCESS.  The icing on the cake was the generosity demonstrated by the winners as they elected to donate their tournament winnings and accept a pin in lieu of the prize money. The very attractive pin will serve to remind them of their generosity and compassion!!  Well done to the winners!!  (Only 2 winners elected to take their cash)  Avon Park was hosting a State Tournament and we capitalized on the coming together of so many generous shufflers!!

The unselfish actions of the winners gave a substantial boost to our Katrina Fund Raiser Total.  $1,500.00 will be handed over to the Salvation Army at a Council Meeting of the City of Avon Park. All Shufflers can share in the success of this event.  Each donor giving $50.00 or more was Don Norrispresented a framed certificate of appreciation.  We gave the donor the choice of taking the certificate with them or leaving it in our Club House.  Most chose to leave them with us.  We have placed an example certificate in the margin.  (That is Don Norris*)  From the top, we are adding those donors who contributed on day 2 of the tournament.  Don Norris; Lofty Haskim & Diana Morrison; Chick & Irene Cowell; Jane O Bird; Bill & Trudy Rovers; & Ann & Walt Wedel.  The Avon Park Board wishes to thank each donor for their contribution.  

Stan McCormack, Avon Park President. 2005 10 12.

Stan speaking in 2015: I may have omitted names of some of the donors. Reason:  I must be slipping?? Cannot seem to locate the files??   If you check a 2006-2007 PREVIEW, and check the State Tournament results at Avon Park, EVERY PERSON WHO PLACED, EXCEPT 2, DONATED THEIR WINNINGS!!

*Don Norris left us on March 03rd, 2007.  Stan McCormack. 2015 08 17.

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