Look What Stan Started!! I Give You a Bear Story by Peter and Ericka Berg! If You Have a Good Story, Send Please!!!

Summer 2014 008A non shuffle bear story. From Peter and Erika Berg!! 

Summer 2014 007We live in Carling Township near Parry Sound on a peninsula with boat access only.  Just around 12:30PM today (2015 08 21) my next door neighbor went to pick up her granddaughter at the marina. When she returned and tied up the boat she looked up and saw this happy bear looking at her, standing next to the cottage. (see pic at top) She did yell a bit and he trotted away. She thought wow this was close. (Click on pic to expand!)

As she entered the cottage, went to the kitchen she noticed that her 3 pork chops were missing. She had put them in the kitchen sink to thaw out. Then she noticed bear foot prints on the kitchen table. After that 2 screens in the dining room were pushed out and the intruder was gone. One hour later he came back and wondered what all the excitement was about.

About 2 weeks ago he or (his brother) came walking up our boardwalk and after a few choice words he disappeared in the bush. Last year one tore into my outhouse trying to get to my garbage.

PeterAndErika___Content[1]We have 75000 to 100000 bears in Ontario this year, so we should not be too surprised if some of them will visit us.

Keep on shuffling, Peter and Erika Berg.   

Thank You So Very Much For Sharing Peter; Wonderful Story!!  Let’s hope it motivates others to send along something similar!!     Stan McCormack, 2015 08 21.

Want another Bear Story??  Click IF you do:  BEAR ATTACK CALABOGIE IS IN THE OTTAWA VALLEY

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