The Clearwater Shuffleboard Club is READY!! We will Welcome All Players and Guests!!

Beginning October 25th and continuing until October 30th, the 34th ISA will take place in Clearwater FL.  The Clearwater Shuffleboard Club at 1020 Calumet Street, Clearwater, FL 33755 is one of the finest facilities of its kind in the USA!!

Clearwater 1On the left I have a pic of the 13 semi covered outdoor courts. The facility also has 26 completely covered indoor courts!!  The Organizing Committee, co-chaired by Kathy Brennan and Betty Bober, has done a fine job to ensure that everything has “been taken care of” as they begin the final run into the month of September.

Clearwater 3Clearwater is no stranger to hosting ISA Events!!  The 22nd ISA, 2002, was hosted by the Clearwater Club, and I personally have fond memories of the “22nd”.   When you are not on the Courts, there is a large room with ample seating and tables, an area which will no doubt be used for lunches.

In the same general area is a comfortable, more Intimate area, for resting orClearwater 4 conversation.   In the same building, adjacent to the Intimate area are two Halls of Fame. The first is the ISA Hall of Fame containing displays of every Member Nation of  the ISA.  The 2nd is the US National Hall of Fame.  Plan ahead; bring your camera, and enjoy your journey through both!! I am confident you will enjoy each.  Pam Hill is the curator of the ISA HOF; Kathy Brennan, the curator of the US NSA HOF.

All 39 Courts have been refinished!  The entire facility has been repainted!!  And NOW, I give you sample pix of the Halls of Fame!!! (Click to expand)


Info sent along by Kathy Brennan.   If you are reading this AND YOU ARE NOT A “SELECTED” COMPETITOR, i.e. playing in the event, for goodness sake, mark your calendar and plan to attend in order to share in the excitement, AND FRIENDSHIP!!

Stan McCormack.  2015 08 27.

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4 Responses to The Clearwater Shuffleboard Club is READY!! We will Welcome All Players and Guests!!

  1. Dabobbers says:

    Stan,   a big Thank You for your “Clearwater S.C. is ready for the ISA Tournament.  I put a link to your article on our front page. It's wonderful so many volunteers are being acknowledged for all their hard work.  We’re all hoping for a wonderful tournament and experience for both players and spectators alike.   We’re sure going to miss you. stanwcd webmaster


  2. P & P. says:

    Thanks Stan..can’t wait. P & P.


  3. Sandi Quinn says:

    Great job Kathy & Stan! Looking forward to this event.


  4. cbeaum1 says:

    Wondering when guests and free play are allowed. Thanks


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