Wheatland Senior Centre news; sent along by Bob Weber with Thanks!

The results of the Wheatland Senior Centre’s activities from August 14 to August 20: *

Shuffleboard (August 14): First Marg Lukey and Connie Boucher, second Roger Marcotte and Pat Schutz, third Melba Bent and Ray Boucher.

Shuffleboard (August 20): First Tom Schutz and Roger Marcotte, second Doreen Leslie and Pat Schutz, third Norma Lohse and Ray Boucher. 

Wheatland SK is near Weyburn SK.  If you know any of the Shufflers, PLEASE send along some information to add interest to our story!!  Stan McCormack.  2015 08 27

Bridge: (Friday) First Berty Lou Dreis, second Basil Holyer and third Marion Brown.
Bridge: (Monday) First Marion Brown, second Howard Giroux and third Joyce Hemphill.
Trump Whist: First Rose Lévesque, second tied Lavica Mahnke and Basil Holyer.
Hi-Lo Whist: First Elaine Frasz and Kay Bachman, second Jean Knibbs and Andy Dumba, third Connie and Ray Boucher.
Canasta: First Lavine Stepp, second Jean Fahlman and third Margaret Warnke.
Kaiser: First Agnes Tumback and Alice Schneider, second Basil Holyer and Kay Bachman, third Anne Gutzke and Marlene Szczecinski.
Thursday Crib: First Christine Herlick and Phyllis Lindskog, second Howard Giroux and Norma Lohse, third Marg Leavens and Vi Paterson.



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