More Activity From the GSA by Birgitt Hussmann with Thanks!

GSAOn Saturday the German Shuffleboard Association e.V. (GSA) held its first Hessian Open in the Sportpark Linter in Limburg. Hubert Fluck won the title and trophy, followed by Stefan Stadtmüller and youngster Fabienne Fluck. They utilized their home town advantage and in the end emerged as the most successful out of 24 participants from Hesse and Northrhine-Westfalia.

After the first few rounds determined the top 8 players, the remaining participants had to duke it out for the tournament win. After a balanced fist half, Hubert Fluck came out on top and defeated Stefan Stadtmüller, who was happy to have scored second place and gained confidence for his first participation in a world championship tournament in Clearwater Florida in October of this year.

11 year old Fabienne Fluck from Limburg won her match for third place against Bernd Uhl from Fregericht, thus securing her first trophy. It will certainly not be the last if the hopeful continues to nurture her talent. Fifth place went to Marianne Stiegen from Meerbusch, followed by Klimis Touretzoglou from Limburg. In the match for sixth place Horst Bähren from Meerbusch defeated Birgitt Hußmann from Langenselbold.

The GSA was also able to secure three new members, welcoming Eberhard, Anke and Felix Ibel to the association and their first tournament. Special thanks goes to board and helpers, and especially to the young motivated ladies providing the catering for all guests.

The detailled ranking can be found on

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