A Follow-up to Jim Corbeil’s “gutsy” Walk on the Edge of the CN Tower in Toronto, ON 553 m above street level!!!

5 Curators Marlene & JimWe received more Comments for the article: “Can You Top This??? Why Not Send Along Your Story??”  than any other single article.  As many users do not regularly check the Comments, I though it would be useful and interesting to post all received up to 13:30 on 2015 09 22.

Shuffler Jim Corbeil said this in way of explanation: “Hi Everyone, Stan asked me to let you all know how I felt doing the Edgewalk and why I did it. Well, I decided to do it because my daughter and her husband are travel bloggers and they are writing a story on how the Edgewalk is good for anyone at any age. Even us old guys can have an adventure. So they asked me if I’d like to come along. When they write the story, I’ll share it all with you. They have video too! Stan asked me how I felt doing it. I was very relaxed and not afraid at all. It was exciting and it was a great way to see the city. It made me want to do more things like this. That’s all for now.”

Jim’s daughter said this:  “Hey everyone, It’s Jim and Marlene’s daughter Deb. I’m so proud of my dad for doing this. He was less scared than Dave and I were, and we do stuff like this all the tim! Nerves of steel I tell you. We’re going to be writing about this on our website in the coming weeks and we’ll have to send over the video of the experience for you to see. We’ve got lots of photos too. Have a great night and thanks Stan for posting this. It’s fun to see. I suggested to dad that he send this over because it’s a pretty cool experience. Maybe next year you can have the entire shuffle association go for a walk around the CN Tower 🙂

Glen Peltier said: “When i was a guest of Jim and Marlene this past summer, i discovered jim,s real name is Clark Kent. He was superman until he retired to play shuffleboard. He is still faster than a speeding bullit, leaps tall building in a single bound, more powerful than a locomotive. And to think, he does it all eating only tofu. Glen Peltier.”  AND Jim replied: “My secret been revealed. Tofu is the original Red Bull – it gives you wings.”

Gus Bondi said: “I hope he had a parachute on his back!!!!” and Jim replied: “No Parachute for me, but I’d like to skydive next!”

Muriel and Murray Burnett said: “Way to go Jim. You look happy. Are you tempted to try sky diving.” and Jim replied: “Yes, I am. My daughter asked me that and I said, sure!”

Gary Pipher said: “You do have “guts” Jim and you look very comfortable and relaxed just hanging out there in mid air 553 meters above the ground. Wow. BUT That’s not for me.”  and Jim replied: “Ah Gary, you could do it. Just squeeze your eyes and don’t look down.”

Michael Zellner said: “Suicidal tendencies.” and Jim replied: “That’s what my wife Marlene says.”

Moe and Teresa said:Only JIM !!!!!”  and Jim replied: “Well, my daughter and son in law are nuts too. It must run in the family.”

Glenna Earle said: “OMG Jim. You make my hands sweat just looking at you!!!!”  and Jim replied: “It’s not for everybody. But after a half an hour walking around out there, I was ready to relax.”

Earl Ball said: “I’m Jealous!”  and Jim replied: “You’ll have to try it the next time you come up here. That will give you an excuse to come to the Woodstock tournament.”

Bill and Maureen Bryan said this: “Jim, we are excited for you. Way to go! We only see you up there, did the rest of them fall off?  Orange is your colour! Bill and Maureen.” and Jim replied: “Ha. Yep I pushed them all out of the way for my close up.”

Barbara Pipher said: “Where was Marlene when you were hanging over the edge? Was she holding the rope?  and Jim replied: “Marlene had the VP treatment. She was in the lounge watching the whole experience on TV”.

Max and Ruth Tate said: “Well done you “daredevil”.  And Jim replied: “Thanks Max and Ruth. See you in Florida.”

Jim and Marlene shuffle in the Central District of Florida.  Pic at top is of them in our CD HOF.  Jim and Marlene are the curators of the CD HOF. 

Glen Peltier was closer to the truth than he imagined: (see Glen’s comment near the top) Jim competed at the Race Walking events at the Nationals in Louisville Kentucky (2009) representing FL and set two National records in the 65-69 age group!!  Jim won the overall trophy for the 65-69 age group by competing in running, swimming, high jump race walk, shuffling and cards >> with a total of 18 medals. Jim is the 1st VP of the CNSA.  Jim and Marlene have also given unselfishly in support of the Polk County Senior Games.

Stan McCormack.  2015 09 22 14:10 



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2 Responses to A Follow-up to Jim Corbeil’s “gutsy” Walk on the Edge of the CN Tower in Toronto, ON 553 m above street level!!!

  1. President Michael says:

    Stan, Do a follow-up to Jim Corbeil’s “Gutsy”

    ISA President Michael says,” standing on top of a building and leaning over is kids play. Hey Jim, how bout tickling the tongue of a Florida alligator in your backyard.” Now that’s courage !



  2. Myrna Bilton says:

    Oh my goodness Jim!!!.
    We don’t even want to look over the edge when we are at the CN Tower.
    So very proud of you.
    Rendall & Myrna


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