Hockey has the Stanley Cup; Football has the Super Bowl! Shuffleboard has the ISA World Championship!! Farmers have the International Plowing Match!!

IMG_1552Myrna Bilton Speaks:  Hi Friends!  From left to right: John Wilson, Myrna Bilton, Rendall Bilton and Ria Wilson.  We are at the IPM (International Plowing Match in Finch, ON, south of Ottawa.
We had a lovely surprise yesterday (Wednesday) when John & Ria Wilson visited us at our Plowing match * site. They had the VIP treatment when they were brought right to our front door with a gator.
We were having our annual get to gather breakfast with 20 of us. John & Ria joined us for a coffee and a visit. Great to see them. Lots of farmer talk, and of course shuffleboard. Because shuffleboard is how we met the Wilsons.  JUST ONE MORE EXAMPLE OF THE POSITIVE IMPACT ON OUR RELATIONSHIPS!!

Myrna (Bilton)

Stan speaks: John and Ria (Wilson) have, this summer, relocated to Arnprior ON from Coldwater, ON.   They are now members of the Renfrew, ON Shuffleboard Club.  NOTE: Should you ever need singers to open a  Shuffleboard Event, you need look NO FURTHER than John and Ria >> THAT IS, IF YOU WANT THE BEST!!!   Stan McCormack.  2015 09 25.

  • NOT JUST ANY PLOWING MATCH!!  Myrna, along with thousands of others with an interest in Agriculture, is attending the INTERNATIONAL PLOWING MATCH which is The Super Bowl of AgriculturePremier Kathleen Wynne helped open the expo.
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