2015 10 29 Press Report of Action in Clearwater at the 34th ISA! Sent along by Bob Weber.

z pix by bobA rainy day in Clearwater Tuesday didn’t stop the most serious of shuffle boarders from competing for a world title. The 34th International World Shuffleboard Championship matches were played inside.

More than 100 competitors from almost a dozen countries are competing at the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club.

Roy Norman from Canada has been playing about 25 years.
“It’s a game that you can play when you’re getting older,” said Norman. “It’s game that’s kept my wife and I traveling all around the world.”
At 87, Norman is one of the oldest competitors, but the sport isn’t just for seniors anymore.

Fridtjof Gjelseth from Norway is just 23 years old.  “I think it’s cool,” said Gjelseth. “I hope it’s going to be a tradition to get more young people here, because I think it’s good for the sport.”
No matter their age, every player attacks the game differently.
“I think 80 percent of how we should play this game goes to strategy,” said Gjelseth.

Norman’s advice for the younger generation of competitors:  “Patience, patience, patience,” said Norman.

The final match takes place Friday, when one man and one woman will each be crowned champion.

Sent along by Bob Weber with thanks.  Stan McCormack 2015 10 29

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