Follow up to the 34th ISA HOF Inductions of 2015 10 28.

zz 34th ISA (4) INDUCTEES with new jacketsZ 34th ISA ALL PRESENT 2015 10 2834th ISA HOF Dinner and Presentations were a Great Success!!

Myrna Bilton, Glenna Earle, Pam Hill and Wilma Rudolph stand proudly with their White ISA Jackets, symbol of distinction of the International Shuffleboard Association.    The larger group pic is of all HOF Members present at the Ceremony in Clearwater.   Let’s make our way across the front row, from left to right: Jim Allen, Beth Allen, Glenna Earle, Myrna Bilton, Pam Hill Cecile Messier, (that may be Joe Messier behind Cecile) Wilma Rudolph, Gus Bondi, Roy Norman, and Michael Zellner.   2nd row: Dr. Luiz Pimentel,  Shuffleboard Bob Zalatel.  Sorry folks > the pic does not allow me to adequately see the remainder of the people in the 2nd row. 

The Organizing Committee had set up a table and placed upon same, the photos of each of the Inductees.  This setting lent itself to the taking of a memorable pic. 

z 34TH ISA HOF PAM HILL   (1)Z Glenna HOF table  (1)z HOF WILMA CLEARWATER 2015  (1)Z Beth, Myrna and Jim 




From left to right: Pam Hill, Glenna Earle, Wilma Rudolph with Sandi Quinn, and finally Myrna Bilton, standing between Beth and Jim Allen.

It is an opportune time to explain the sash that each and every HOF Inductee is wearing.  All HOF Members wear a sash on the occasion of the HOF Dinner held on Wednesday evening of every annual ISA Event.  This custom was introduced by Michael and Myrna at St Petersburg in 2013.     The HOF process was significantly enhanced, became more structured, when Michael in 2009,  took on the role of Chair, at least for the actual presentations.  Beginning in 2009 nominees have been more carefully scrutinized, and since 2009 we have held a Special HOF Banquet at which time the inductions take place.  We now require written statements in support of the nominations and careful voting takes place.  We have no formal supporting remarks prior to 2009 save and except informal remarks gathered by yours truly of The Shuffler. 

Clicking on pix WILL NOT help this time!  Thanks to Muriel Burnett for sending along the pix.

Article put together by Stan McCormack.  2015 10 29.  (Hope you enjoy)


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