34th ISA: Acting CNSA Canadian President Corbeil Comments.

Day 2_025As Acting CNSA President I want to express my deepest congratulations to all the Women and Men who competed in the 34th ISA World Championship (Singles).  

The pic at the top is of “The Honourable Roy Norman”, with more ISA Tournaments (18) than anyone present at the Opening.  Roy was given the distinguished honour  of carrying the ISA Flag at the Opening on Monday, October 26th.

Canada had three women in the top ten, and two of the three in the final four.  Maureen Bryan of Ontario placing second.  Lorraine Layton of Saskatchewan placing fourth.  This was Maureen’s 5th ISA tournament, the 3rd for Lorraine Layton.

And of course we can’t forget our two time golden cue winner Glenna Earle of Nova Scotia finishing in the top ten; this is Glenna’s 5th ISA Tournament.

Day 2_001We Canadians are proud of your accomplishments. We were well represented by Provinces from the East,Central and Western Provinces.At the opening ceremonies our Canadian team looked spectacular. We where all in our red and white uniforms. Thanks to Myrna for getting the neat hats.

Regards, Jim Corbeil CNSA 1st VP. Posted 2015 10 31 by Stan McCormack.

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2 Responses to 34th ISA: Acting CNSA Canadian President Corbeil Comments.

  1. Glenna Earle says:

    Thanks very much for your comments Jim, and thanks for stepping in for Henry. You carried the job along very well and we were proud of you for being our leader.


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