The 34th ISA: We Declare the Champions!!!

IMG_0185 Bob & Alice Golden CueThe 34th ISA World Championship has ended and we have a new Champion in each of the Men’s and Women’s Events!! Before I give you the names of the Champions, I believe it appropriate to share with you a statement made by one of our founding fathers. This statement was made at our concluding banquet on the occasion of the 2002 ISA Banquet also held in Clearwater, FL.

The then Japanese President, Yoshio Kosai, now deceased, said this:

“All of these represent realistic events that come with age.  Sickness and death are fatal pre-destinations of life. It is Important for each and every one of us to recognize the most valuable gift we have is the gift of 1ife.  We must enjoy and treasure every moment as there is no promise for the future. Participating in the International Tournament let us not only enjoy the game of Shuffleboard, but also the opportunity to learn and understand different languages, cultures and way of life. We have learned how to enjoy and all the benefits it offers us:” Kosai.” (Yoshio Kosai)

And now I share with you that the new Champion for the Women is Alice Enos of the USA. In the final match of the 34th Alice played Maureen Bryan of Canada. After 8 frames the score was 16 for Maureen and 21 for Alice. I have to tell you that there was so much excitement when the game ended that I did not get the final score. I do know however; it was just as close. A great match to watch, a match that held the attention of the audience. Alice is no stranger to winning major shuffleboard events. Earlier this year, shuffling with Joyce Smith, she placed 1st in the US Nationals in Hendersonville, NC. In January of 2015, again plying with Joyce, they placed 3rd in Consolation competing in the prestigious Orange Blossom Special held in Sebring, FL.

The new Champion for the Men is Bob Jones. Bob is a 50 year old medical doctor who shuffles out of Lakeside OH. Although Bob has been shuffling since he was 8, (42 years) this was his first ISA event. Most readers will know that Lakeside has a successful youth program which is definitely producing results. Bob’s final match was against a most accomplished shuffler, Rosaire Cote. The match was not decided until the final disc was delivered. Both matches, the Men’s and the Women’s drew significant crowd response throughout.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALICE ENOS AND BOB JONES! (I will have a separate article with regard to the presentation of THE GOLDEN CUES!

Stan McCormack 2015 10 31 06:45.  

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1 Response to The 34th ISA: We Declare the Champions!!!

  1. Jill DeBruyne says:

    Thank you for the wonderful updates and pictures. Congratulations to all!!


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