We give you the 8 Finalists in the 34th ISA in Clearwater FL.

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We give you the 8 Finalists in the 34th ISA in Clearwater FL.

From left to right: Alice Enos, Maureen Bryan, Lorraine Layton and Landy Adkins.  Landy and Lorraine played for 3rd place; match ended > Landy 74, Lorraine 70.

Alice (Allie) and Maureen played for 1st.  The final score was Alice 41; Maureen 28.  Alice Enos TOP WOMAN!! 

Pic #3; Bob Jones, Rosaire Cote, Frank Niziolek and Allen  Dronsfield.  Rosaire and Bob played for 1st.  Allen and Frank played for 3rd.  Scores:  Frank 34, Allen 51. In the first place game Men > Bob Jones 44, Rosaire Cote 37. Bob Jones TOP MAN!!

Alice (Allie) Enos, Landy Adkins and Maureen Bryan are from the Southern District of the FSA.  As we reported earlier, Bob picked up his shuffling skills at the tender age of 8 while shuffling at Lakeside, OH.   He does not winter in FL.   Both Rosaire and Frank are from the Western District of the FSA.  Allen Dronsfield and Lorraine Layton are from the Northern District, FSA.  Allen is the President of the Leesburg Club; Lorraine the President of the Tavares Club.

Stan McCormack.  2015 10 30. (Posted 2015 10 31) Pix by Glenna Earle with thanks!



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