34th ISA: Letter from President Michael to

 DATE: 3 November 2015EM ISA Logo 300dpi

SUBJECT: All quiet on the Eastern Front 

Dear International Community, 

Yesterday, in the early afternoon, I drove to the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club as I had done for the entire past week. Outside courts and benches were empty with a light wind blowing some new fallen leaves. Not a soul could be seen anywhere. Birds singing in the trees broke the utter silence. The parking lot appeared much larger in the absence of vehicles and the contracted trolley shuttle was now a thing of the past.

Only a week earlier, at this very location, I walked among the 113 international competitors and received nodding heads, pats on the back, words of greeting in various languages, smiles and great big hugs. Gone are shufflers walking about with cues in one hand a game schedule in the other. How time flew. In reality, I feel nothing for the games lost or won but I miss terribly the sounds of laughter, banging of disks and gentle chatter in many different languages. Planning has already begun for next year’s tournament but 365 days seems like so long to be in your presence once again.

Until we meet again, I’ll just hold on to each and every memory.  

Sincerely, Michael Robert Zellner, ISA President

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3 Responses to 34th ISA: Letter from President Michael to

  1. jim says:

    Hey Michael.
    Your right even though there are many more tournaments the rest of the year they will not be as enjoyable as this past week.
    Take care Jim Corbeil


  2. Pamela Hill says:

    Thank you, Michael. Well said. Pam Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2015 01:20:07 +0000 To: cruise.lover@hotmail.com


  3. Muchael Zellner says:

    Thank you Stan. My moments as the ISA President and time in the ISA are something I will treasure forever. The exciting people even a few now deceased are rooted in my memory. I still see their smiles of victory and sad faces at badly shot disks. But they too forgot them as the tournaments ended and we all departed to our safe havens around the world. I proudly traveled the world representing
    the ISA to spread the game of Shuffleboard and brought into the National Association of Sports where I stood beside and walked among Presidents of every sport practiced in North America. “Those were the days” my friend to coin a phrase.


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