Marylin Barnett, wife of Past President John Barnett, joins us at the 34th ISA for the Awards Dinner

IMG_0159 Lois, Marcia, Marilyn & Sam

Standing beside Sam Allen is Marylin Barnett. Sam’s wife Marcia and my wife Lois are next.  The Barnetts have, and continue to provide significant support to the ISA and NSA Halls of Fame.  John Barnett, our 7th President, served from 1996 to 2000.  The Barnetts, and all Past Presidents, had received a Special Invitation from President Michael.

It was such an honor to have Marylin in attendance at the closing awards dinner.  Her photos and posted history at the individual Halls of Fame are invaluable.  We are missing her husband John, as he fights his personal health battles and wish he could have been with us in person.   We are hopeful Marylin can convey the growth of his dream of the ISA and let him know that he was with us all in spirit.  His contributions to the ISA have been huge.

Marylin Barnett was inducted into the ISA HOF in Hendersonville, NC in 1997.  ISA Tournaments took both John and Marylin to Las Vegas Nevada, Mesa Arizona, Canada, Zimbabwe, Japan, Brazil, England, Ireland and even Scandinavia for the Denmark Inaugural.

Stan McCormack with input from Jim and Beth Allen.  2015 11 04.


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