34th ISA: We do hope you enjoy these “add ons”

Bill Hoyer and wife Z Phifer Rich and Marilynn


Day 4_064 Wilma & Sandi HOF pic



On your left are the Hoyers, Bill and wife Barbara.  Bill was a “Top 10” finisher in the 2013 32nd ISA at St Petersburg when he finished in 2nd place!!   Bill finished 5th in the 34th (2015) in Clearwater thus earning an invite to the 2017, 36th ISA in Brazil!!  In the next pic we have Rich and Marilynn Phifer. Rich represented Ireland in the 34th.  Marilynn placed 9th in Clearwater (34th) and thus earned an invite to the 36th!!!!  3rd pic is of Rich as host of the 25th ISA in Lakeside, OH.  We also offer you this pdf: RICH PHIFER ELECTED TO US NATIONAL HALL OF FAME  Finally we have a pic of Sandi Quinn, US NSA President, standing beside Wilma Rudolph who she inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame Special Award!  Wilma has participated in 13th ISA Tournaments.  Go here if you would like to read Sandi’s supporting remarks.  https://theshuffler.net/2015/10/28/wilma-rudolph-into-the-isa-hof-nomination-and-presentation-by-us-nsa-president-sandi-quinn/   Click on any pic to expand.

Stan McCormack. 2015 11 05




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