34th ISA: Germany was Well Represented!!!

German Reps to 34th ISA (2015)

Stan speaks: I am taking this pic from facebook, ALONG WITH the translation below.  The original article is by Dieter Hussmann.  The translation is not perfect but “you get the idea”!!  Stan McCormack.  2015 11 06

Alice Enos And Bob Jones Jr. are the new champions of the single world championship in shuffleboard. The US-American Alice Enos defeated in an exciting game Maureen Bryan from Canada, while for the gentlemen of the pure American Derby Bob Jones Jr. From Ohio Local Hero Rosaire Cote from the Clearwater shuffleboard club was able to keep in check. The third was Alan Dronsfield before Frank Niziolek (Both USA). With the ladies secured Landy Adkins (USA) the place on the podium in front of Lorraine Layton (CAN).
How easy to see, is the dominance of the North American ner in the shuffleboard unbroken. Here is the almost daily play on the concrete courts clearly felt. The Europeans, including the German players, show, over and over again, good games, can these leiistung but not in every game again. So stay at the end of the United States and Canada so far under, when it comes to the top positions. Notable exception to date was the 2. Square of Torben Hussman 2011, however, just like Marius Runge in this tournament was not present.

Nevertheless, the German shuffler monitors must be satisfied. With Sebastian Runge at #18 and Birgitt Hußmann at #35 as the best player you have done well. In the next year is the team-World Cup in the vicinity of Orlando, Florida. Those responsible will be doing everything we can, then again a powerful team to send into the race.

First of all, but this evening nor the ceremony in the context of the “Award-banquets” to, the big final concert of the world cup. Then travels a part of the German team back home, others are still a few days of holiday in the sun in Florida. President and treasurer to seize the opportunity and on-the-spot the next venue to inspect. To meet the two next Monday with the sports commission in Orlando for the one or other in experience and to bring as the foundation for a successful 2016.

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