34th ISA, 2015: We Give You the Japanese Representatives!!

Day 2_084 Japanese at Opening

Japanese Player from left to right:  Kazunari Hatanaka, Masanobu Takahashi, and Toshio Kohda.  

I don’t have to tell regular readers of the BLOG that Japan has been with us since the beginning!!!  Their pleasant and congenial manner is an example for others.

We would be less than honest if we did not tell you that we missed the Japanese Women but having said that we were so happy to have the 3 Men in the pic.  May I suggest you go here: http://shuffleboard.sunnyday.jp/   and ALSO look for the words English Page (top left) when the site opens.

Stan McCormack. 2015 11 09  (Pic by Bob Breckenridge




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