What Do YOU Think About This Delivery??? Perhaps you will try it when you see who is SHOOTING!!

IMG_0151 He Shoots (1)IMG_0151 He Shoots (2)




Click on the pix one at a time!!  Get ready first; fire the disc second!! 

In reality, the arm of the Shooter is moving so quickly that the camera did not capture it, that is, it was unable to stop it!!  The Shooter is, Doctor Bob Jones, the shuffler who took home the Golden Cue, emblematic of the World Champion of Shuffleboard!!  

Bob said this to some of his friends following the tournament: “Thank you Sandy! Thank you Bobby! Thank you Charlie! Thank you all the Jones’ and Dellaportas’! Thank you Coach Bean! Thank you Abe and all Fighting Scots! Thank you Lary and all my mentors! Thank you Lakeside! Thank you all my shuffling friends! Thank you Red Lock Sunday morning runners! Thank you RoyRed! The golden cue is coming to Ohio. We are all World Champs!”

IMG_0182 Bob Jones with MayorMayor Cretekos of Clearwater and the Champion at the Awards Dinner.   Thank you to Mayor Cretekos for enthusiastically representing the city!  Congratulations to Bob on a significant achievement!!

We hope to see more of Bob at subsequent events.   Stan McCormack, 2015 11 13.  You may wish to view the Slide Show (again) for Day 6:  http://photopeach.com/album/1255ar1


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