2015 USANSA Western Shuffleboard Tournament. Sent along by Dale and Sheila Monday!!



The 2015 USANSA Western Shuffleboard Team Tournament was held during the week of Nov 2nd – 7th.  There were 23 teams with each consisting of 16 to 20 shufflers.  Each team with 8 of their players was scheduled to play each other during the week.  Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other ideas.  It rained on Tuesday and Wednesday causing the cancellation of 4 sessions.  Due to time restraints these sessions could not be made up.  Despite this adversity the tournament was a great success.  Tournament Directors Dennis and Linda Kerr did a very good job in coordinating schedules, procuring volunteers for board maintenance, court managers and obtaining sponsors.  CAL-AM Properties was the major sponsor and provided the three venues where the games were played.  They also provided court dressing,  donuts, coffee, and ice water during the games.

Ref the pic at top: Left to Right:  Gord Pollock, Sid Barone, Jim Kearns, Dale & Sheila Monday, John Fedniak, Jan Conway, Ray Jones, Peter Bontkes, George Admiral, Harvey & Winn Hausauer, Dennis and Sheila Stockman, Fran Kardish, Loren and Lynn (co-captain) and Jack Sell (co-captain).  Standing in the right backround is Tournament Director, Dennis Kerr.
The top three winning teams in the red division with percentage of wins were:  1st place Arizona Rattlers (.574); 2nd place Alberta Mustangs (.540); 3rd place Saskatchewan Prairie Dogs (.522).  In the black division the top three teams were:  1st place Alberta Grizzles (.703); 2nd place Arizona Snowbirds (.651) and 3rd place Washington Huskies (.618).  The overall winner of the tournament was the Alberta Grizzlies (pictured below) that won an amazing 70 percent of their games.

The banquet was at the conclusion of the tournament.  Starting out was a two hour social in which the 405 guests were entertained by the musical variety of Chuck Knox.  Many of the shufflers showed their talents by dancing, while others just listened and visited.
The meal consisted of Prime Rib, Baked Salmon,salad, vegetable medley, rolls, and tiramisu.  Everyone had plenty to eat and enjoyed the well-prepared meal.  After dinner,  Dennis Kerr presented the awards to the top six teams.
pic 3Also, Chuck Crouse was re-presented his USA National Shuffleboard
Association Hall of Fame plaque by Rob Robinson, 1st Vice President of the USANSA .  Pic far left: Chuck on the left, Rob on the right.  Then Arizona Shuffleboard Association (ASA) President, John Houser, presented the ASA Hall of Fame plaque to Fran Kardish.  (above)
President John Houser  then presented the ASA Hall of Fame plaques to Dave (deceased) and Anne Mahoney.  Accepting the plaques for the Mahoney’s was Karen Fodchuk. 
 All-in-all the tournament and banquet were a big success.  A “BIG THANKS” To the Tournament Directors Dennis and Linda Kerr and to the Executive Board of the Western Shuffleboard Association led by President Jack Sell.
My sincere thanks to Dale and Sheila Monday for bringing the results of this major event to the attention of All Shufflers.  Stan McCormack.  2015 11 19.
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