WE First Shuffled in London, ON ABOUT 25 Years Ago!!


IMG_0279 George,Landy,LOis, Stan 2015 11 23In our 2nd match to-day, 2015 11 23, P08A at Lakeland FL, we shuffled George and Landy Adkins.  For the very few who may not know, that is George and Landy on your left.  Stan and Lois are on the right.

Before I had any interest in recording shuffleboard events (early 90s) Lois and I met George and Landy while shuffling in south western Ontario.  At one time Landy taught school in this part of the world.  During the course of the tournament we told them that we had shuffled in Lakeside, OH, and enjoyed it immensley!  Their reply: Lakeside OH has shuffleboard courts??  We live not far from there and nobody ever told us????

We decided to partner with them in the OH and NATIONAL events either the same year or the following year.  (Maybe if Wilma Rudolph is reading this, she will check the RECORD and let us know? The event we entered!) One thing we do know is that we had a Great Time!!

We shared memories about these early beginnings to-day which just may explain why each of us enjoyed the Match so much. At one time George became so enthused, he referred to our match as “The Match of the Year” > I added, NO, the Match of the Centruy!!  I had better explain: Lois and I, at one point in Game 1, we were ahead 67 to 11, (like elleven)!! Not only that, WE had the better “side” of the Court.  NOTWITHSTANDING, Landy and George pulled it off, and won game one. Just for the record they also won game two.  HOWEVER; it is not the record, or even who won that we will remember.  We will remember the exchange of ideas, comradeship YES, even some great SHOTS by each of us.

Stan McCormack.  2015 11 23.

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2 Responses to WE First Shuffled in London, ON ABOUT 25 Years Ago!!

  1. Four of the great shuffleboard legends together in one photo.


  2. Landy Adkins says:

    Great write up. You forgot to mention that over the years, you have beat me “your fair share”
    Congratulations on your “HALL OF FAME” into the FSA .


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