PO8A FL State Tournament Main Event Results. Consolation to follow on 2015 11 25.


Tournament Director Glenn Monroe has just sent to me the Results of the Main Event of State Tournament PO8A held at Lakeland on 2015 11 23 & 24.  Consolation results will be determined tomorrow.  It was a large tournament, in excess of 70 Teams!!  Many of the very best shufflers in the State of FL participated!!  Here is a sample of some of those sent home early!!  Earl Ball and Diana Morrison; Henry Strong and Glenda Brake; David and Glenna Earle; Glen Peltier and Marlene Corbeil; Landy and George Adkins; Dean Myeloid and Nancy McLean; Paul Prescott and Partner!!! You get the picture I expect.  There were no “easy” wins along the path to victory for the 4 Couples I am about to list, c/w pic.   Larry and Ruth believe this was the first State Tournament in which they have taken 1st while PLAYING WITH EACH OTHER!! 

1st in Main goes to Larry & Ruth Brown; 2nd – Sharon Upson & Stan Williamson; 3rd – Doris Hanke & Allen Dronsfield; 4th – Jeannie Andrews & Phil Rebholz.  Click on pix to expand.  Congrats to all players!!  Stan McCormack.  2015 11 24. 

Browns 1st Place Pro AO8ASharon Upson  Stan W.3rd Doris Hanke and Allen Dr.  4th Jeannie A Phil Rebholz

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2 Responses to PO8A FL State Tournament Main Event Results. Consolation to follow on 2015 11 25.

  1. Sandi Quinn says:

    Wow!! Congratulations to All . . Well done & proud of All!!!!


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