Thanksgiving Road Trip to Saint Cloud and Kissimmee, Host to the 35th ISA.

St Cloud 35th ISA 1Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for all our blessings.  These blessings include our shuffleboard friends and family.  Yesterday four interested friends travelled over 500 km (round trip) to get a glimpse of the courts and hotel where our 35th ISA tournament will be held in October 2016.  Rendall and Myrna Bilton with Murray and Muriel Burnett were met at the courts by President Tom, and Treasurer Jack.  WeSt Clouc 35th ISA 2 appreciate the time Tom and Jack took to meet us, and open up for us to see.  The setting of the courts in Saint Cloud is very beautiful.
They are all covered, and as the pictures show, appear to be smooth as glass.

St Cloud 35th Embassy Hotel We  on to the Embassy Hotel in Kissimmee, and enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving dinner.
The staff were very helpful, and the three year old hotel is beautiful.  We are very excited, as the committee plan next year’s ISA event for our enjoyment.St Cloud 35th ISA 4

We have to tell you that our 4 Travelers did not sacrifice their Thanksgiving Dinner!!  Here they are enjoying “a delicious dinner in the hotel dinning room!!”.   With reference to the top pic, from left to right we have: Rendall Bilton, Club President Tom Gionet, ISA 1st VP Myrna Bilton, Club Treasurer Jack and Muriel Burnett.  Do hope that all Shufflers had an enjoyable Thanksgiving.   Info and pix sent along by Muriel Burnett of the “M&M” of Florida Shuffleboard.

Stan McCormack.  2015 11 27



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2 Responses to Thanksgiving Road Trip to Saint Cloud and Kissimmee, Host to the 35th ISA.

  1. Well done Myrna and Rendall.
    I have plans to swing by there at the beginning of the year.


  2. Joyce Smith says:

    Sounds like a lovely day. The courts are beautiful.


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