2015 Davis Memorial an Annual Event. Sponsored by Dick Davis.

2015 Davis Memorial 2015 Davis Mem Dick






George and Clara Davis in the pic above left, were active in Shuffleboard when their Club, the Avon Park Club had a membership of 649!!  Many years ago, Dick made the decision to host a Memorial Tournament on the Day Following Thanksgiving, Black Friday.  3  16 frame games are played before lunch; lunch is served and 3 more 16 frame games are played. Number of wins are recorded and the total # if points of those who won.  Excellent prize money is paid out to the TOP 6 Players in both Amateur and Pro.  2015 was NO EXCEPTION!  Everyone had a great time.

Thanks so very much to Ralph Day, the primary organizer AND MOST OF ALL, a big Thank You to Dick!!  Dick is shown above sharing his friendship and humor with the audience.   

From left to right: Al Emmendorfer, 3rd; Keith Morton, 1st; Cindy Shidler, 2nd;  Larry Parker, 4th; Lydia Crabbe, 5th;  No pic available: Vernon Phenix, 6th place.


Davis AM Winners 2015 Davis 2015 Pro winnersAnd Now the Pro Winners. From left to right, 1st, Dean Myklejord;  2nd Pam Nurnberger; 3rd, Ruthie Brown; 4th, Tom Lauritzen   5th, Jim Mondry;  and in 6th, Carl Wile.

Stan McCormack.  2015 11 28 01:00


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1 Response to 2015 Davis Memorial an Annual Event. Sponsored by Dick Davis.

  1. Cindy Shidler says:

    Great article! Thanks for your time and all you do yo promote shuffling!!


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