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BREAKING NEWS FROM BRADENTON, FL!! Sent Along by Henry Strong.

Today in Bradenton Earl Ball won his 100th State Championship while playing with his friend Henry Strong. Henry Strong speaks: Losing the first game 81 to 82 we went on to win the second game handily. We split the line with the … Continue reading

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Our “Look Backs” Are About To End! Let’s Favourably Remember Colleen Austin and Kenny Offenther!!

A Great Ending by Ken Offenther and Colleen Austin!!  Ending to what, some of you may ask???  ANSWER: Ending to Ken’s Trivia Show conducted as a part of the 100th Anniversary Celebrations!!     We look back exactly 2 years > to … Continue reading

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Let’s Hope We Look That Good When We Turn 100!!

Do you know another sport that can claim participants that are celebrating their Centennial??? “Gibb Stannard celebrated his 101st Birthday on December 01st 2015!! Gibb loves the sport and has allegedly said that he would sooner give up life than … Continue reading

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Heartland Games For Active Adults

I trust everyone had an enjoyable Christmas and that you are ready to party on New Yer’s Eve. When you awaken on January 1, you might have personal fitness as one of your resolutions. What better way to get fit … Continue reading

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We Look Back This Time to the 34th ISA held in Clearwater, FL

We Look Back to the 34th ISA held in Clearwater, FL in October of 2015.  ISA Tournaments began in 1981, the first event held in Muskegon, MI.  The Muskegon event and all ISA events up to 2009 were “Team Events”.  In … Continue reading

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We Give You Article #12 by John Brown!! 2015 12 29.

                                OPEN DISTRICT BOARD MEETING JANUARY 9 The scheduled first Open District Board Meeting date is changed to January 9 one week later than your SWCD 2015-2016 Schedule indicates .  President Ron Nurnberger felt the previous date was too close … Continue reading

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This time, this posting, We Look Back to 1932. Sent along by Michael Zellner!!

Not even the great Ball- Strong combination can draw these crowds. By the way it’s a night game in 1932. Years before WWII.  Michael Zellner Stan Speaks: The closest memory I have of something similar is a night time match between … Continue reading

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