We Give You Article #8 by John Brown!! 2015 12 01.

John brown and stan bober


Stan McCormack has cogently reminded me what a golden opportunity exists next week at Avon Park for Amateur Mixed Doubles.  Monday morning, December 7 is FL A-07 National Mixed Doubles.  Any Amateur Man paired with any Amateur Lady is an Amateur Mixed Double.   In this case, you can mix or match District Ams or State Ams.  The first place in Main winners each receive a Golden National Championship Pin, of which only one can be received in a lifetime.

This tournament has been at Avon Park since 2004 and is the only National Mixed Doubles in Florida.  Larry Mardis and his neighbor Alice Barlow of Braden Castle won a few years ago when both were Amateurs.

Avon Park is about 75 miles east of Bradenton on FL 64, north side of the road by the lake almost through town.  A roof covers all the courts.  The Club offers  a nice lunch at reasonable prices.  Carpools can be pleasant on such trips.


FL P-08B at Bradenton, November 23, Open Mixed Doubles, 75 points. Main: 1. Dave Kudro-Terri  Smith, 2. Shirley and Gene McCullough, 3. Nancy Sclafani and Jim Miller 4. Lois Wegner-Ralph Lozano.  Consolation: 1. Ron and Pam Nurnberger, 2. Siggy Gudzus-Phil Krick, 3. Jerry and Marilyn Everett, 4. Debra and Lowell Williams.

No District Tournaments Thanksgiving week, hope all had a nice feast.


Today is the second day of FL P-09A at Hawthorne and P-09B at Boynton Beach, M/L Doubles.  Also second day of FL A-06A at Clearwater and A-06B at Spanish Lakes 1 near Ft. Pierce.

Thursday, December 3 is SWCD D-8 at Bradenton, M/L  Doubles  Restricted to State Ams and Pros, 75 points.

Friday, December 4 SWCD A-5 at Bradenton, Ams/Any Doubles, State Ams no points; play with a District Am partner.

Next Monday, December 7 at Lakeland, M/L Open Doubles, presentation of last year’s Roll of Champion Pins.  Lunch wagon will be available.   Also next Monday, December 7, FL A-07 National Mixed Doubles at Avon Park (see lead article this column), 75 points.


.     Every place in FL P-08B at Bradenton November 23 was won by players from the Southwest Coast District.  Congratulations on this 100% sweep!

.     Petticoat League Results, Monday November 23: Mt. Vernon 8 @ Village on the Green 4, Paradise Bay 6 @ Trailer Estates 6.  Standings:  Mt. Vernon -15, Paradise Bay-11, Trailer Estates-11, Village on the Green-11.  No Three game winners.

.     Brad Thomas and John L. Brown are willing to assist in arranging carpools for those who want to know who else is willing.

.     John L Brown and Joyce Marquis often know how to help find a partner.

.     Happy Shuffling!!

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