Range of Emotions on Winning the Juanita Harlow National!!

IMG_0350 1st Juanita HarlowIMG_0364 - Dan NobleDAN SAYS: Going into this tournament I knew how much my wife wanted to win the coveted pin. I knew she had the skill to win, but did I? I’ve never been through such a range of emotions, from so low when I put two of my discs in the kitchen in the 3rd game of the finals, to an overwhelming high and pride when the final shot was made that won the tournament. It’s going to be a while before it finally sinks in that we won this very special event. I will wear the pin with great pride.   Dan Noble.

Marti Noble PicMARTI SAYS: This tournament was just recently renamed the “Juanita Harlow U.S. National Shuffleboard Mixed Doubles” tournament, and rightfully so. There are still some shufflers around that remember Juanita, but I am not one of them. However, after hearing her story, it is even more of an honor to proudly have won this event. I always say it’s just a game…win or lose…but is it? As my husband says, it’s a game that brings such a range of emotions. It’s also a game that inspires us to be gracious in our wins and loses; a game that makes us realize and appreciate how blessed we are to be able to physically compete; a game where we meet such a wide range of individuals who quickly become our friends and “shuffleboard family.” Yes, Dan and I worked hard to win this event, and also won it with some luck as well. But as I look at those who competed in this week’s event, there are two people who are more deserving of the pin that to me represents the courage it takes to compete in Juanita’s honor. Among others, the two that I think of are our friends Gayle Iverson and Jason Pearson (Sebring Rec Club). So many of you know the story of Jason where an accident resulted in a brain injury and changed his life forever. Jason has also grown to love this game and is now a member of our shuffleboard family. Gayle was so gracious enough to play with him in this event, and after they were eliminated on the 2nd round, Jason told Gayle “I had a blast!” I realize now that Shuffleboard is so much more than “just a game.”  Marti Noble.

Nothing more need be said.  Thanks to Dan and Marti.  Stan McCormack.


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3 Responses to Range of Emotions on Winning the Juanita Harlow National!!

  1. Murray and Muriel Burnett says:

    Congratulations Dan and Marti. We had a great time in Avon Park.


  2. Moe & Teresa says:

    Congratulations Marti and Dan!


  3. stanistheman says:

    Thanks so very much Moe & Teresa. Especially meaningful as the two of you placed first in 2014.


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