The Shidlers Comment on their Jacaranda Experience!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Xmas Dec. Jacaranda Jacaranda Lobby xmas

IMG_0352 2nd C. Lucinda & Bruce Shidler

Cindy Shidler Speaks: The Jacaranda Hotel in Avon Park is a delight just to walk in the front door! The Christmas decorations are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Every mantle-mirror and doorway is beautifully decorated. The tree decorations are over sized and exquisite-just as the tree is. The atmosphere is enhanced by the piano playing! The live piano music just adds to the enjoyment!

We were there for the Grand Buffet-and oh my! It was grand! The salad bar is well appointed. The lettuce crisp, the salad dressings and side salads are homemade. The soup was good and very flavorful. We tried the ham, meatloaf, baked fish and our favorite, the broasted chicken . Real mashed potatoes and chicken gravy are just like Grandma used to make! Carrots and green beans that we Ate are well seasoned and full of flavor. Several items on the buffet we did not sample-saving room for the dessert table! You have to try at least two desserts! Several types of cake -many pies and cheesecakes. Small spice balls dipped in white chocolate -yum! Our favorite today was the warm bread pudding with raisins and a vanilla sauce! Took me back to my Aunts holiday table! This was a great experience and we will choose the Jacaranda buffet again soon!

Sent along by Cindy and Bruce Shidler with THANKS!!  If YOU go, please share with them that you are a Shuffler!!!   Pic is of Bruce and Cindy receiving congratulations from Max Tate who was acting on behalf of Sandi Quinn, the US National President.  Cindy and Bruce placed 1st in the Juanita Harlow National Mixed Dbls held at Avon Park on  Dec 7th and 8th.  Click on smaller pix to expand.  Stan McCormack. 2015 12 13.

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  1. stanistheman says:

    Reblogged this on The Celebration Is Over! The Adventure Begins and commented:

    I recommend the JACARANDA HOTEL in Avon Park to everyone!! Look around; have lunch; or even book a room!!! Stan and Lois


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