2015 We Look Back to TX and SALUTE their Champions!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHello Shuffleboard Fans and Happy New Year!

  • At the end of the narrative comments,  sent along by Sandi Quinn, US NAT President and Shuffler in TX,  there is a pdf file.  Click on the pdf file to see the list of TX Champions!! 
    Thanks to Sandi for sending this narrative and supporting facts!!! 
    If you didn’t already know, all TX shuffleboard players are
    champions, but I’ll give you the results of the ’14 -’15 season. We do
    not have Districts here in the Rio Grande Valley so there are no
    District Masters. Nor do we have a State Masters. We have 18
    State tournaments and 3 National tournaments per season, which runs
    from the first week of November to mid March. Players who place in
    the State tournaments receive State Points and players placing in the
    National tournaments receive National and State Points. The goal for
    the players each season is to make the Top Ten List determined by
    points earned. Attached is the Top Ten Lists for the ’14 -’15 season.
    Each season we have a TSSA Tournament of Champions
    tournament the first week of March. The 2015 Champions were
    Pete Neustater, out of 94 men, and Gina Bassillion, out of 60 ladies. The
    Champions of the ’14 National Expert M/D held late December were
    Carol Klem/Bill Piett, out of 70 teams. The Champions of the ’14
    National Amateur M/D the same week were Marcy & Eric Polzin, out of 41 teams. The Champions of the ’15 National Singles held mid March were
    Red Rudolph, out of 100 men, and Wilma Rudolph, out of
    68 ladies.
    We have large numbers of players in each of our tournaments.
    The majority are M/D, but we also have a few Dbls. and Sngls. Each
    week there is an Amateur tournament in conjunction with the Expert
    tournaments. The competition is fierce and if you place at all, it is an
    accomplishment. The TSSA has the prestigious 1000 Point Club and
    2000 Point Club. These are the best of the best! The 1000 Point Club
    consists of, by rank: Wilma Rudolph, Bill Piett, Red Rudolph, Clayton
    Baake, Lucille Coffin, Roger Nault, Ivan Watts, Don Fortner, Sandi
    Quinn, Dave Lamphere, Dee Allen, & Cherrie Grauberger. The newly
    established 2000 Point Club consists of, by rank: Wilma Rudolph, Bill
    Piett & Red Rudolph. There are many, many wins under the belt of
    these players.
    That’s the scoop on the ’14 -’15 season of the TSSA and the
  • RGVSA. God Bless & Happy Shuffling, Sandi Quinn NOW, CLICK ON THE LINK: 
    Posted by Stan McCormack.  2015 12 28.
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