We Give You Article #12 by John Brown!! 2015 12 29.

                                OPEN DISTRICT BOARD MEETING JANUARY 9

44 John Brown - MVP The scheduled first Open District Board Meeting date is changed to January 9 one week later than your SWCD 2015-2016 Schedule indicates .  President Ron Nurnberger felt the previous date was too close to a National Holiday..

Interested parties note that these meetings are truly open.  All players are welcome, although only Board members and Club Presidents or their designees have the vote.

Important issues will be discussed and voted upon, and all are welcome to voice an opinion.  This Board Meeting will be at Bradenton Shuffle Club at 1:00 p.m., Saturday, January 9.  Issues will include

The Hall of Fame Committee on eligibility and funding.

The Masters in March.

Nominating Committee:  Al Nuttall and Sue Daidone.

Motion to eliminate prize money at Open Pro Masters.

2016-17 Schedules.

Masters Venues through 2020.

A possible Pros only Tournament next year.

January 9 is the date when you can influence the future – All are welcome.


FL P-12A at Lee County, December 21, M/L Doubles.  Ladies Consolation:  1. Terri Smith, 4. Debra Williams-Jane Schram.  Men Consolation:  4. Larry Taylor-Ron Nurnberger.

FL P-12B a t Clearwater, December 21.  Men Consolation: 2. Ira Snook-Larry Mardis.

FL A-09 at Clearwater , December 21, Any Ams/Any Doubles.  Main:  3. Scott Fennimore-Gerry Johnson.  Consolation: 3. Donna Schultz-Jill DeBruyne.

No SWCD Tournaments Christmas Week.


Tuesday December 29 is the second day of FL P-13 Open M/L Doubles at Bradenton and  second day of FL A-10 at Bradenton, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles.

No District Tournaments New Year’s Week.

Next Monday, January 4 at Sebring, FL P-13A and at Clearwater P-14B, Open M/L Doubles, 75 points.  Sebring has many sponsors with ample prizes. Lunch will be available at Sebring.

Also Monday, January 4 at Winter Haven, State Sponsored FL A-11, Any Amateurs/Any Doubles.  Winners’ pictures in Preview next season.  A very special occasion.


.     International Shuffle Board Association President Michael Zellner, who has moved to Florida and is still a State Amateur is expected to compete at Winter Haven January 4.  How often does an Amateur have the opportunity to gain the “bragging right” to having played (or defeated) the ISA President?

.  This columnist was pleased with first place at Pinecraft  Wednesday evening, December 23.  Readers may not realize that The Amish Community of Pinecraft (within geographic Sarasota) holds an invitational evening tournament each Wednesday, arranged by Henry Wagler.  About 150 devoted shufflers and spectators watch this spectacle.  A pleasant evening, indeed.

.     Happy New Year and Happy Shuffling.

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